Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Lingerie for the classroom and for Holi - some specialist lingerie buying stories from lingerie.co.uk!

We love lingerie, but we know it has a time and a place - unlike the subject of our first story this week - and no, it’s not a late April Fool’s Day joke.

 How NOT to browse for lingerie online

A mathematics teacher in San Diego set his class a test and then went online shopping for women’s underwear - but his computer was still linked to the room’s projector so his students were able to capture his browsing history online on the big screen!

Many of them posted the cell phone videos online which is when the Mira Mesa High School became involved and informed parents that the teacher had been placed on administrative leave.
Parents were incensed for several reasons: first classroom neglect - the teacher never lifted his eyes from his laptop to see how the class were doing; second duty of care - a child who walked up to ask a question might easily have seen the teacher’s interest in scanty underwear and third; should a teacher who is supposed to set an example of hard work before fun be indulging in a private passion during class time?

Well, we know all about the third issue - once you start online lingerie shopping it’s very hard to stop!

 Lingerie for Holi

It’s fair to say that Holi is not a huge festival in the UK, which we think is a shame, but we know that quite a few of our lingerie shoppers will be looking for the right outfit to wear for Holi 2016 which falls on 24 March. So we went looking for a few tips on how to approach wearing the right lingerie for Holi.

First and foremost, be prepared to sacrifice what you’re wearing, from top to bottom and from outside to in. It just isn’t possible to be sure that all the Holi paints and dyes will wash out of your clothing, and some naughty revellers deliberately use staining dye to ensure you carry a semi-permanent memory of Holi for quite a while to come. Of course you want to look and feel your best too, on such a happy and fun-filled holiday, so why not try the Wolbar Maracato briefs which are stunning cute, comfortable to wear and won’t break the bank if they end up multicoloured!

For a bra you really need something with a comfort straps that won’t expose too much of your body once you get soaked in water and paint. Our Andora bra has full cups to protect your modesty, gorgeous straps so that you can fight back and fling your paint with gusto and is just so delicious to wear that we bet after you’ve tried it, you’ll want to never wear anything else.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

McCartney 2016 fashion collection, breast shape analysis and would you model lingerie?

Amateur underwear models

A Chinese lingerie firm has found an interesting way to outsource its advertising - it invites its customers to become something that best translates as ‘lingerie masters’ by sending in photographs of themselves in the brand’s underwear. For every three lingerie sets they photograph, they get sent a free set as a reward.

The company claims to have 500 models sending in portfolios in a polyvore style exercise that requires the customers to create a small photoset around a specific theme or location. To our eyes some of the photographs may be a little dubious - one set features a young woman wearing only underwear under her coat, apparently in a bar drinking beer where the final picture seems to show her asleep or passed out with a beer bottle in her hand - not the kind of advertising that’s allowed here, that’s for sure. Others though are quirky, personality-filled snapshots of a life where lingerie matters and we can all celebrate that!

Breast dictionary?

Another underwear line has produced a breast dictionary - describing what it calls the seven different types of breast by shape. It’s an interesting idea, especially given the many women simply don’t know how to measure themselves for a  bra, but we’re not sure that it’s a particularly helpful approach to choosing sexy underwear. A large part of finding what works for each individual woman comes from trying things on and see both how they look and how they feel - the journey of exploring what works for each body and lifestyle simply can’t be reduced to shortcuts like pointing to a picture of boobs and saying ‘those look most like mine’ not least because many women have been trained by exposure to the media to have an unrealistic idea of how their own bodies look. We think there’s no alternative to ordering something that looks lovely and trying it on in the privacy of your own home - after all, any decent online lingerie shop will have a great returns service to ensure that experiments are just as much fun when they fail as when they succeed!

Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2016 Paris collection

While we’re huge fans of catwalk fashion, we don’t always find a direct link between catwalk and www.lingerie.co.uk products but Stella’s Paris runway was definitely in part a lingerie-inspired show. Whilst puffa jackets were much in evidence (we’re not sure we’re going to give into that trend again) she also had some beautiful silk panel dresses that sit squarely on the boundary line between lingerie and evening wear.

We really fell in love with this silk and lace panel dress but  suspect it may be out of our price range - however, we decided that our Blue Bachelorette dress would be a perfect alternative at a totally affordable price. Also, we think we might go for something other than the white surgical ward shoes … in fact we sort of think almost anything else would look sexier!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Size, stealing lingerie and do you have Easter undies?

Good old Edwina Currie is back in the news with another controversy - not eggs this time but size. Her target, Ashley Graham, is one of the world’s top lingerie models and according to Currie, ‘It seems to me that plus-size models and extolling them and making it seem normal to be obese is just as dangerous and unhealthy as the zero models, the very thin ones.’ She went on to claim that larger models could be ‘heading for diabetes, knee and hip problems’.

We’ve got no opinion one way or the other about the health risks of anybody’s size or shape - that’s none of our business, but we do believe that every woman has the right to delicious underwear. That’s why we have a carefully collated ‘plus size lingerie’ section that offers a wonderful range of gorgeous undies, including the hand-made  Ulla Dessous Alice bra and pantyset with a dainty lace overlay.

 Stolen Victoria’s Secret lingerie

A 47-year-old store cleaner has been convicted of stealing more than a thousand lingerie items from the Victoria’s Secret shop in New Bond Street, London.  It turns out that for around three years he had been taking items from the basket where store staff put items to be returned to the shop floor after customers had tried them on. He was able to get away with it by filling his trouser pockets with some items but others he had actually put on over his own underpants …. ew! The man in question was given a suspended sentence as the judge accepted that he hadn’t really understood how things worked in the shop and might have believed that the basket contained items to be destroyed rather than re-shelved.

And why was he doing this? To sell the garments online. That’s why we recommend buying your online lingerie from a dedicated online shop, not somebody on eBay - because you never know where they may have got that lingerie, nor who’s been wearing it before you!

Easter underwear

We’ve got a bit of a pash for Easter lingerie - which for us combines the joy of a underwear drawer spring clean with the guiltless pleasure of a chocolate-free celebration weekend.

So what counts as Easter lingerie for us?  Well pastels for a start, such as mint, peach and lavender shades. These are the most flattering to skins still pale after winter’s rigours and mint, in particular is incredibly flattering to darker skin-tones which means that it’s a colour that works for all.

Then we like dots - there’s something very springlike about polka dots and a pretty dotty bikini might prompt the invitation to get some early sun on a quick weekend break! And finally, we think cotton undies are very springlike, so we use this holiday to drop a few hints that we’d like some new cotton panties … that’s a hint that tends to be very well received!

Do you have special Easter underwear - if so, what makes it spring-like to your mind?

Monday, 29 February 2016

Luscious lingerie round up for February with www.lingerie.co.uk

 Dita’s tips for lingerie

We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of Dita Von Teese. As the burlesque star who single-handedly reinvented the art for a modern audience, and as a style icon who ensures that the lingerie she wears is as much a fashion statement as a provocation, she’s taught us all how to balance everyday life with the glamour we seek.

In Vogue she gave some top tips that we found fascinating, particularly this one: Showing (and wearing) less can always be more. This is the beauty of lingerie! No matter what your personality is, you can be whomever you want underneath it all. I don’t bare much skin offstage; I like my hemlines below my knee, and I like dresses with shapely lines that might show a touch of cleavage, if any. My uniform” for seduction is a shapely black dress with French-heeled seamed stockings, sexy black pumps in patent or matte leather, and black leather opera gloves. It’s mysterious and sensual at the same time.

What a wonderful statement! We got some stunning seamed stockings if you’d like to attempt the Dita approach and the point about hemlines below the knee is fantastic because it means you’re not flagging up your seductive underwear, just gently hinting at it.

A dramatic glimpse of lingerie history

We wish we were in Houston to see this show! Lynn Nottage has written a fascinating play about the women who created lingerie in the early 20th century, before mass production became the norm. Drawing on items found in her grandmother’s possession, such as old clothing, photographs and magazines, this playwright has imagined how life might have been for a woman of her grandmother’s age, working as a young seamstress.

Isolation was the norm, the piecework was created without her ever meeting the women for whom she created negligees and other lingerie and she could only have imagined the lives they led, for which such garments were necessary. Women who worked in the lingerie industry have often been invisible, whether they were piece workers like the star of Intimate Apparel or designers who never received credit for their work or even the lingerie models who paraded the catwalks in the days before supermodels existed. This glimpse into the role of women, particularly women of colour, in the creation of the most extravagant lingerie, sounds like a real treat, and opens up a historical perspective on work, fashion and social relations that we’re always keen to explore. If the show ever comes to the UK, we’ll be in the audience!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Lingerie innovations, Valentine’s Day shopping and what men think of underwear …

Selina Bond recently graduated from De Montfort University’s Contour Fashion degree course and was given the accolade New Designer of the Year at this year’s UK Lingerie Awards - she’s also the first designer to win this award without having a collection ready to retail. So what was it that so impressed the judges who included experts from John Lewis and Rigby and Peller? It was her use of technology, specifically carbon fibre, the material used in Formula 1 racing cars and in space vehicles.

The idea came from her father, who used to work for the Williams Formula 1 team repairing cars damaged in racing - he even helped her create moulds for the carbon fibre lingerie she designed. The pieces, shaped like breastplates or bodices are lined with verve and lace trimmed before being lacquered. Apparently they are lightweight and very rigid, and the models who wore them in her graduate show said they were wonderful for the posture!

Men in lingerie …

If you want a laugh, watch three men trying to get into women’s underwear! There is a more serious point to this video though. The idea was to see what men thought of lingerie if they were the ones wearing it - and their responses are priceless, including, ‘I don’t understand what’s sexy about fishnets, unless you get massive boners at the thought of the sea’ and ‘I feel like a fish caught in a six-pack of beer.’ But it just goes to make the point that lingerie myths are alive and well and as the chaps in corsets concluded ‘girls’ don’t need to be wearing clothes that aren’t comfortable.  We agree - lingerie worn by women for men is rarely worth it, which is why we stock lingerie that women love to wear and men love to see women in!

How to shop online for Valentine’s Day lingerie with your lover

If you’re fed up with receiving the kind of Valentine’s Day gift that makes you cringe or smirk, perhaps this is the year to get organised. By which we mean, set the scene with candles, something good to drink and some music you both find sexy, and then sit and shop for your Valentine’s Day gifts to each other online. There’s some evidence that shopping for sexy gifts is mutually rewarding - not only does picking out a sensual gift together create sexual anticipation but the process of choosing sexy underwear as a couple creates clearer communication and more powerful bonds.

There’s another reason to shop together online - it helps you learn each other’s fantasy vocabulary. Fantasy is one of those strange areas, we all know what we like, but explaining it, even to ourselves, let alone to somebody else can be complicated. This means that discussing why you like the look of something can open up new areas of your relationship. It means you develop a shared language about what turns you both on and stops you being so subtle that your partner can’t actually be certain what you want.

Finally, our love of sexy things will evolve and change throughout our lives, and shopping online allows us to explore new ideas without feeling too challenged. So if your lingerie life begin with a silk nightie, it might still evolve to quite specialist and kinky undies, whilst for those who already have a rich and varied range of lingerie items, there are always other kinds of experience to try such as our MaskedDesires kit with a range of elegant accessories to develop your fantasy life.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lingerie scams, thefts and awards - welcoming the New Year with lingerie.co.uk

‘Adore Me’ under the spotlight

America’s latest lingerie start-up success is causing customers to get hot under the collar and not in a good way!  ‘Adore me’ has been incredibly successful with sales jumping from $1 million in 2012 to $16.2 million in 2014. Its plus-size models and focus on providing gorgeous lingerie for real women has led to it being considered a rival to Victoria’s Secret - but The Better Business Bureau, a USA non-profit that names and shames untrustworthy companies, labels it an F (for fail) because it has received more than 500 complaints from customers who were billed for monthly subscriptions they hadn’t known they were taking out, and then had difficulty cancelling, paying out month after month by direct debit and unable to get the company to stop the subscription despite repeated attempts.

That’s why we don’t operate a membership model at www.lingerie.co.uk - you see what you like, you buy what you like and we don’t charge you a penny extra! And if you’re really up for a bargain, how about this sexy summer bikini by Phax - better than half price and just in time to help you focus on this year’s summer holiday!

More lingerie thefts

We’ve blogged several times about the way that Indian and Japanese men turn up in the news because they pilfer underwear - it’s difficult to tell if this is because it’s a more common activity there, if it gets reported more because it’s more frowned on or if men in other countries just happen to be more successful lingerie thieves! Anyway, the latest story is quite amusing - angry villagers in Kota Kuala Muda, in Malaysia, have got in on the act by publicly shaming a man who stole women’s underwear from washing lines. They tied him to a tree with the bras and panties he’d filched!

A villager said that they found a bucket filled with underwear in the man’s possession and used it to bind him to the tree. He’s now been handed over to the police.

Becky Magson - blogger and lingerie reviewer

We’re delighted that Becky Magson, blogger and lingerie reviewer, has been shortlisted for a national blog award. The final will take place on 29th April 2016 and Becky is in the running for her blog, Becky’s Boudoir. Becky reviews lingerie and talks about her life but recently has also gained attention for her honest and sensitive blogs about her experience of a missed miscarriage and the emotions associated with grieving for a lost child.

Becky herself says that the process of blogging about a situation many women may tend to keep quiet about has been helpful for her and for others, Writing about it all has been therapeutic for me. It had a multi-pronged effect; I regained a lot power being in the position to share my thoughts through the experience, which has helped more people than I thought Id reach with the posts.”

We wish her every success in the awards process - if you’d like to read Becky’s blog, visit http://beckysboudoir.com/bye-bye-baby/ and you can vote for her here.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January’s hot lingerie stories - petitions, lashes and incontinence undies …

Lingerie Football League

The petition first - we blogged about the Lingerie Football League before Christmas and after the first match took place, a petition was launched, asking the owners of Hotel Football, where that match was played, to end their support of the lingerie league.

The league was set up by Gemma Hughes who claims the Lingerie League will highlight the gender gap between male and female players. The petition contained signatures from the campaign group Women In Football and many coaches of women’s teams have expressed their concern that linking lingerie and football is inappropriate for the development of the professional game and may lead to sexual intimidation of women. The women players took to the pitch in suspenders and there was a lingerie fashion show at half time.

Lingerie flingers uncivilised - concert organisers should be whipped

Enrique Iglesias recently have a concert in Sri Lanka which was a howling (literally) success. On December 20th, when he took to the stage in Colombo, excited women ran on stage to kiss him and others threw their lingerie. It might sound like a story from the 1960s, but for Sri Lanka it’s a new development and so shocking that the national President has been led to comment on it.

At a public meeting, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said that the concert organisers should be whipped with toxic stingray tails” for promoting such uncivilised behaviour which goes against the national culture. Public whipping with the tails of stingrays was a punishment reserved for hardened criminals in medieval Sri Lanka - today the phrase is used to express the need for extreme punishment for severe wrongdoing. In an odd twist, Sri Lanka is in fact a major exporter of lingerie which it manufactures for many international underwear brands.

The aerodynamic qualities of underwear have never previously been a consideration for us, but we’re always willing to rise to the challenge. After a few days spent flinging our scanties in the privacy of our own bedrooms we have discovered some key facts:

Good underwear to throw

Leading the field is the underwired brassiere whose structure seems to make it very aerodynamic - to improve the distance your underwired bra will travel, we recommend fastening the hooks and eyes and using a lassoo style throw by twirling the bra around your fingers before launching it in the right direction. For maximum eye appeal as well as air travel, we would plump for the LuxxaCamargue bra … it’s stunning in appearance and easy to throw, but we bet you’ll never want to let go of it, even for Enrique Iglesias!

Boy shorts are remarkably good throwing underwear too. For these to reach a stage, you need to ball them up and use an overhand throw as in cricket and although they slow down as they travel, they still can get a remarkable distance before they flop downwards - the best of the best for flinging in our view is the Royal hand-printed brief which combines elegant design with excellent throwing potential and comes at a price that won’t break the bank if you do decide to fling them!

Sexy absorbant underwear

Incontinence will be an issue for one in three women, and one in ten men during their lifetimes. Solutions to this problem have generally been disposable pads and adult ‘nappies’ which achieve the necessary result but aren’t necessarily the most enticing underwear in the world. Now a New Zealand company called Confitex is bringing some style to incontinence wear. Their products are available online and utilise bamboo technology to be washable, stylish and odour free.