Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lingerie heists, and Halle Berry’s view of washing your undies

A few weeks ago we talked about the theft of Shiori Pikes large collection of contemporary lingerie which she was hoping to make into a museum-worthy archive. Now it seems that an individual has been arrested by Melbourne police in relation to the break in last month. The estimated value of the stolen items of underwear is around £75,000.00 and the 37-year-old man has been charged with burglary, theft, handling stolen goods, possessing cannabis, dealing with property suspected to be proceeds of crime and committing an indictable offence while on bail. As yet, theres no news as to whether the police have been able to recover any of the garments.

And in Bangalore, a paraphiliac thief may have been caught! For months, women in one area of the city had been experiencing odd occurrences when they put their underwear on washing lines - the lingerie would go missing and be found later torn and damaged in nearby buildings or in drainage channels. At first the behaviour was taken to be that of local monkeys, who are known to steal many items, but when it was realised that only womens underwear was being removed, one apartment block committee decided enough was enough. They installed CCTV cameras in the stairwells of their building and caught a man who would arrive by bicycle during the day when the apartment block gates were open, grab lingerie from the washing lines and head off. The residents set a trap and cornered the individual before handing him over to police.

So after a week of thieves, its a a relief to turn to Halle Berrys new comments on her Scandale Paris lingerie line. Astonishingly Halle is forty-eight now, and she looks stunning, which she puts down in part to having such fun designing lingerie, which she describes as, It doesnt feel like work. This for me, feels like play. She also talks about her own favourite underwear which is either black or leopard print - I think we already knew how much Halle loves leopard skin, because she does wear it a lot! And she went on to describe how important she considers it that her underwear line should be affordable by the average woman and also be the kind of thing you can put in the average washing machine. Finally she said that she wants her underwear designs to appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds.

Halles personal sense of style is very strong, and we love her twin preferences of leopardskin and black lace, as show in our photograph. If youd like to emulate Halle Berrys empowered, sassy approach to lingerie, weve got just the gown for you! Seven til Midnights sweeping floor length nightgown has the leopard print, the beautiful lace trim, and lovely criss-cross straps that ensure its a flattering comfortable fit.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Respectful, resourceful, right sized lingerie

Royal disrespect

Heidi Klum has got her knickers in a twist. When she took over the lingerie line founded by Elle Macpherson in partnership with New Zealand based brand, Bendon she certainly didn’t expect to be defending herself against publicity stunts that she considers tacky. However, when she was in London recently to promote the underwear line, she discovered that three models had been photographed in the undies she designed, outside Buckingham Palace.She tweeted very frankly, if not with the best of spelling, ‘Nearly fell of my chair when I saw this. Who did this??? Not me!!! #Not Cool.’

We agree, not cool, and not only is it not okay to use a public space to promote your product without permission and without consideration for the rights and preferences of those around you, the poor models look both frozen and terrified. Not the positive, powerful image of great lingerie on great women that we’d want to portray for sure.

Feminist follicles

On the other hand, Neon Moon isn’t quite working for us either. We love the idea, and we’re all in favour of new underwear lines, but the approach of Hayat Rachi, founder of Neon Moon, has us a little puzzled. Good for her in launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund her feminist lingerie project. Good for her in having a clear picture of what she wants to achieve - filling a gap in the market that she defines as underwear that works ‘around the body, instead of the other way around’ although we’re not too sure what that means.

But Rachi is offering a quite peculiar reward for the people who fund her project; she will dye her armpit hair whatever colour the funder chooses, if they provide £200 in funding, and she’ll take photos to prove it. Um … armpit hair choice is feminist, we get that but why is dying armpit hair and taking photos to send to people feminist? Is there something we’re missing here?

Bold brunettes make more money

Or at least they do for lingerie manufacturers, according to a survey by a New York based lingerie start-up … it must be the time of year for start-ups! The survey is limited in scope to TV ads shown in the USA and that might not be representative of the world as a whole, but what was discovered is fascinating. Given three adverts: one with blonde models, one with a plus size brunette and one with several ‘standard size’ brunettes, the one that did best was the advertisement featuring a generously proportioned brunette - in fact she outsold the blondes by a factor of four to one!

At lingerie.co.uk We like to celebrate all sizes, shapes and colours, definitions, choices and desires, and we’re proud to offer lingerie that works for every need, situation and preference. For example our G-World Lingerie babydoll looks great on every body - blonde, brunette, redhead and whatever the size. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Underwear as weaponry, art and stolen goods - a weird week in lingerie!

Stolen underwear collection

Shiori Pike is known as a photograph of lingerie and the blogger ‘My Lingerie Addiction’ although it’s been a while since she was blogging actively. Her photographic studio in Richmond, Australia, was broken into last Friday, and priceless lingerie was stolen.

It seems like a planned job, as the thieves covered the surveillance camera before entering the upstairs building and ransacking it. Ms Pike was originally not particularly concerned about the break in because she keeps no electronic equipment in the studio but it turned out that the place had been ransacked and a museum quality collection of lingerie had been stolen. Shiori, who has her own lingerie line, also called Shiori, has appealed for people to check for pieces that might be from her collection being sold online. The theft has had international ripples, as Dita Von Teese reached out to Shiori on Instagram to say how sorry she was to hear about the burglary.

Isis recruiters ask for underwear

One of the saddest recent stories is of the three young girls who flew to Syria from the UK to join the so called Islamic State. For most of us this is inconceivable and yet recent revelations about how they may have been groomed makes it clear that under the claims made by ISIS, there’s a current of sexual exploitation that is lurid and profoundly un-Islamic. 

How do we know this? Well, A TV reporter managed to convince a male recruiter for ISIS that she was a fifteen-year-old girl. He made contact with her on social media and told her that she didn’t need to speak Arabic as there were plenty of British ‘bros’ in Syria and then told her that she could stay with him until she became a child bride. He also told her that she should hurry up because girls were travelling out to Syria every day and in a final message when the supposed fifteen year old asked what she should pack, he told her ‘lingerie loool’. It’s a strange sidelight on the world of jihad.

Pimp your bra

An auction of 200 decorated bras talking place in New York will raise funds for the oldest breast cancer support hotline in the country. Our attention was caught by the welded bra designed by David Jones, made entirely of spoons and called ‘Appetite for Life’. Other bras in the collection include one designed by the granddaughter of Betty Boop’s creator, because her mother died of breast cancer when her daughter was just eleven years old.

We love the idea of bra pimping and we’ve been having a go ourselves. Of course most of us pimp our lingerie anyway with our choice of accessories, but taking it a step further and actually embellishing our underwear has been a revelation. Our tips, if you fancy this yourself, are to start with something simple and sheer - the Roza Frosa bra is ideal, especially as it has a matching brief or thong and hold ups to choose from. Then we’d suggest you pick a theme … we’ve had great success with wrapping animal print ribbons around bra straps, bedazzling our panties with rhinestones and attaching jewels to garters, but all three together would be too much of a mish-mash so pick one strong idea, colour or theme and run with it!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Twitter storms, cultural underwear and Easter lingerie

Not cool with Cindy

So … that picture of Cindy Crawford. Let’s start with the facts: she didn’t release it herself, it was leaked; it wasn’t taken this year, but two years ago; it doesn’t mean she’s cool about having it circulated and she hasn’t taken any part in the debate. What debate? Well, when the photo appeared on Twitter it was seen as a shining example of ‘real’ women and a clarion call for the older woman to accept her body as it is. All kinds of celebs weighed in to support and celebrate Crawford’s honesty and beauty.

Then, when it became clear that the photo had been used without her permission, the discussion moved rapidly and uncomfortably to other questions - how should we respond to leaked photos, what is the balance between reducing the unrealistic standards that many women feel compelled to live up to and maintaining everybody’s right to control their own image in public? Cindy Crawford’s picture might have been gorgeous, realistic and appealing, but the fact that she hadn’t chosen to publish it led to an unpleasant sensation that we’ve peeked into somebody else’s private life without their permission. And for us, that means not recirculating the photo - so instead we’ve chosen to feature a picture that we know is untouched and was released by the gorgeous and very body-confident Jamie Lee Curtis herself. We think it’s a stunning shot of a woman who loves her body.

Culturally appropriate underwear - lady in red and the Year of the Geep!

Is it a goat or a sheep? The Chinese don’t distinguish between the two, just as they don’t differentiate rats and mice, so it’s a goat-sheep year. It’s the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac. which are, in order: Rat/Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog Pig.  The lucky colours for year of the Geep are reds, browns and purples, and because red is a lucky colour in many Asian cultures, red undies are seeing a buying bonanza this February!

In fact, across Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, red lingerie sales are ten times higher at the lunar new year than through the rest of the year and with red being a double-lucky in the year of the Geep, and Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day falling in the same month in 2015, lingerie manufacturers were flat out from November, getting stockpiles of undies ready for this month!

Easter winners

But if you’ve had enough of red, we’re on it! Our couldn’t-be-cuter Shirley of Hollywood bunny outfit is smart in black and white, and tempting with its totally touchable fur trim. Or if you’re hankering after something spring-like and pastel, the Jane Woolrich satin robe is floaty, feminine and very pretty - we love the peach shade, which is flattering to all skin tones. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ten dos and dont’s for Valentines Day!

There’s always a buzz around Valentine’s Day - and here at www.lingerie.co.uk we spend a lot of time looking at what helps make Valentine’s Day very special. Here are our top ten tips for making your Valentine’s Day tip-top!

1 Do make it last all day - Yes, people have to work and look after kids, meet deadlines and finish essays, but it’s still possible to start the day with love and keep it going - why not get up early and make breakfast special, and either slide a little note (not to soppy, not to graphic) into their lunch box or send them a lunchtime text to remind they that they’re on your mind and that you’re looking forward to the evening when you can spend time together.

2 Dont get in contact with your ex - whilst romance can be seductive, ex-romance is always toxic. Opening the awful history of your past will never help and least of all on a day when it seems that everybody else is making romance work. Instead spend time with somebody who loves you for who you are: your dog, granny or best mate will be better for your self-esteem than going back in for another round of failure.

3 Do invest in yourself - Love begins at home! If you want a special bit of underwear, a relaxing massage, or an investment handbag, this is the time to show yourself some love. And if you don’t have the budget to get exactly what you want, treat yourself to a special meal or a glass of wine in a really posh venue and decide to put away a little money every month so that next Valentine’s Day you’re ready to splash the cash! And if you ask us, an ideal lingerie treat from you to you would be the Luxxa Camargue Open Body - so sexy, so flattering and so very feminine!

4 Dont judge your gift - women in particular will judge the quality of their relationship by what their other half gives them for Valentine’s Day. This is a terrible mistake because many men (and quite a few women) find buying romantic gifts quite difficult and find it difficult to express their feelings on a single day just because the greeting card industry tells them to (see #10). A better idea is to accept the gift as what it was originally meant to be ‘a token of esteem’ and as a token, neither its value nor its suitability should be considered, it’s just a way of saying I love you - even if it’s tacky or cheap!

5 Do come clean with your man - buying a really special bar of soap and putting it on his pillow in the morning is a very sexy way to start the day. Have some fluffy towels on hand, and jump in the shower together … there is nothing sexier than a squeaky clean body especially if you’ve helped him soap himself!

6 Don’t buy her sexy underwear from Lidl - well, you can’t this year, because Lidl’s lingerie line doesn’t launch until 26 February but let’s make it clear, right now, that Lidl undies are not Valentine’s Day material! It’s like supermarket chocolate boxes - fine to buy for yourself but not to give to others … don’t make this mistake next year, underwear should be an investment, not a bargain!

7 Do take it easy on your first Valentine’s together - whether you’ve been together 10 days or 10 months, don’t pile on the pressure. Arrange a shared experience like a cookery class (from Jamie Oliver’s Recipease through to your local college of Higher Education, you’ll find some fab classes) or a session at an ice rink. Doing something as part of a group allows you both to relax and even if the relationship doesn’t work out, you’ll have a great memory to look back on.

8 Don't overdo it on your first Valentine’s Day together - don’t over-invest financially or in the future. Buying gig tickets for six months down the road is a dubious investment as you may have to ask for the tickets back or attend the gig and risk bumping into somebody who’s now become your ex. Extreme financial investment (chocs and flowers and undies and jewellery) can be just as much of a turn off because it implies you’re buying love.

9 Do keep the details of your love life to yourself. On Valentine’s Day, above all others, it’s easy to over-share. If you burst into tears in the office, or alternatively hand out too many details of your smoochy morning session, you run the risk of damaging your own reputation, especially in the workplace. A good rule is not to talk about your Valentine’s Day experience until 21 February - by then you’ll have a sense of perspective, time will have moved on, and you’ll be happier to keep things to yourself that should never have been public knowledge in the first place.

Photo credit - Daniel Pagel/dpstudios.org

10 Don’t try to get out of celebrating Valentines Day by claiming that its a conspiracy by the chocolate and greeting card industry. You may think this is true, but it’s not helpful. Just suck it up and buy a gift. Or even better, do without the commercial aspect and plan a wonderful picnic or romantic evening at home for your loved one, or even go for a run. Valentine’s Day is what you make it, but if you refuse to participate you’ll probably make it a very miserable day!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Online lingerie, replacement bodies and good clean fun - sizzling lingerie stories to beat the winter chill

Online underwear grows

It turns out that we’re not just a lingerie seller - we’re a key trend! At www.lingerie.co.uk we watch the global market with keen eyes to discover the latest trends in sexy lingerie, to test the claims of new underwear manufacturers and to explore what is the best in lingerie to bring to our customers. But sometimes we ourselves are subject to scrutiny and it turns out that a new report suggests that the global online lingerie market will grow 18.1% over the next five years. Given that the world economy is expected to grow by less that .5%, that’s a healthy statistic!

In addition, it seems many customers prefer buying lingerie online because they are intimidated by bricks and mortar stores or because they find it difficult to sort through the vast array of ‘real’ garments to find what suits them best. Instead they browse online where they can sort their searches by exact size, style and colour - which is why our site is searchable in a range of ways, to give you the best possible online lingerie shopping experience!

The body that’s replaced ‘The Body’…

is Heidi Klum. It’s actually a great and sad day, for Bendon, the Australian underwear brand, which has had a quarter century association with Elle Macpherson, because in choosing their new ‘face of’ they’ve gone for 41-year-old Heidi, not some 19-year-old sizzler. Nothing wrong with 19-year-old sizzlers, of course, but what Bendon seem to recognise is that most lingerie is sold to, or bought for, more mature women, with a real sense of what works for them, and what they like.

Klum, who is best known for Project Runway, is absolutely stunning in the new Bendon range and reveals just how important confidence can be to a good boudoir photograph. We loved the elegance of the grey and pink bra that debuts for the line and whilst Heidi is a blonde, it’s one of those colour combinations that works for everybody from the palest-skinned red-head through to olive and deep coffee skintones. Browse the www.lingerie.co.uk selection of similar colour ranges to find something that will rock this look for you!

Getting dirty to get clean

Saskatoon is noted for its long cold winters, but one local entrepreneur has found a new way to warm things up - Emily Kempin has established a lingerie cleaning service. No, not somebody to hand-wash your skimpies, but a cleaner who comes and removes your dirt whilst wearing underwear. Okay, it’s not a new idea, as our picture from “MadMen” shows, but it’s a fun one!

Called Dirty Business, the cleaners work for $200 per hour, which is considerably above the going charlady rate for Saskatoon, and are provided with minders who ensure that the housemaids get to tidy up without any inappropriate touching or other intrusive behaviour, although the clients are allowed to take pictures and enjoy some ‘playful banter’.

Hmm … would our Head Maid costume meet with the approval of Saskatoon’s lingerie-cleaners, I wonder?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Red hot Christmas trees, hot under the collar lingerie adverts and rising stars in the underwear world - our week in lingerie!

Christmas tree lingerie

No, not the kind of undies that you find beneath the tree but actual tree underwear. Ever since Eartha Kitt sang ‘Santa Baby’ there’s been something quite sexy about Christmas … but that underlying sensuality has been made overt by a French company which is using discarded Christmas trees to create sexy undies.

Using an enzyme solution, pine trees, including their needles, are turned into a silky fabric that is then dyed with low irritant dyes to ensure the lingerie is as skin friendly as possible. the company claims that the fabric absorbs around two and a half times more moisture than cotton, making steamy bedroom sessions more comfortable!

Allow us to be somewhat unconvinced. We heard similar claims for bamboo clothing a few years ago, and while bamboo has definitely turned out to be a new fabric that’s got some benefits, it has in no way replaced cotton. We can’t see ‘pine’ taking the place of old favourites like silk and satin any time soon, and it certainly doesn’t measure up to the incredible properties of technical fabrics like Lycra, which have revolutionised our lingerie drawers. So we’ll watch this innovation with interest, but we won’t be replacing our cotton bras or silk knickers with it any day soon!

Too much underwear for drivers

Motorists in Milan have been distracted by underwear adverts that will now be taken down. Belen Rodriguez is the model who features in the two advertisements on multi-storey billboards and her seductive poses have been criticised as creating ‘serious danger for vehicular circulation’, much to the annoyance of Belen herself. The model and TV star says she thinks the pictures are ‘sensual, but elegant’.

There’s no evidence that sexy adverts actually cause crashes, but an American study did find that roadside advertising with emotive words such as cash, fame, sex and win led to drivers speeding up whilst negatively charged words such as crash, loss, damage caused drivers to slow down.

We love Belen’s sexy underwear set and we think we actually have an even nicer black and white combo to offer - the Roza Ginewrapush-up bra is similarly coloured to Belen’s cute balcony bra but even more feminine - we’re certain you’ll discover it’s a traffic stopper!

Tories reveal new strategy - sex!

Jacqueline Gold has found a new home - the front bench of the House of Commons. She joined George Osborne and other Tory grandees this week, as the Chancellor launched an attack on Labour spending plants.

Miss Gold has a substantial fortune of her own, having turned the Ann Summers business into a successful party plan operation linking 150 shops to more than 7,000 party planners.