Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lingerie scams, thefts and awards - welcoming the New Year with

‘Adore Me’ under the spotlight

America’s latest lingerie start-up success is causing customers to get hot under the collar and not in a good way!  ‘Adore me’ has been incredibly successful with sales jumping from $1 million in 2012 to $16.2 million in 2014. Its plus-size models and focus on providing gorgeous lingerie for real women has led to it being considered a rival to Victoria’s Secret - but The Better Business Bureau, a USA non-profit that names and shames untrustworthy companies, labels it an F (for fail) because it has received more than 500 complaints from customers who were billed for monthly subscriptions they hadn’t known they were taking out, and then had difficulty cancelling, paying out month after month by direct debit and unable to get the company to stop the subscription despite repeated attempts.

That’s why we don’t operate a membership model at - you see what you like, you buy what you like and we don’t charge you a penny extra! And if you’re really up for a bargain, how about this sexy summer bikini by Phax - better than half price and just in time to help you focus on this year’s summer holiday!

More lingerie thefts

We’ve blogged several times about the way that Indian and Japanese men turn up in the news because they pilfer underwear - it’s difficult to tell if this is because it’s a more common activity there, if it gets reported more because it’s more frowned on or if men in other countries just happen to be more successful lingerie thieves! Anyway, the latest story is quite amusing - angry villagers in Kota Kuala Muda, in Malaysia, have got in on the act by publicly shaming a man who stole women’s underwear from washing lines. They tied him to a tree with the bras and panties he’d filched!

A villager said that they found a bucket filled with underwear in the man’s possession and used it to bind him to the tree. He’s now been handed over to the police.

Becky Magson - blogger and lingerie reviewer

We’re delighted that Becky Magson, blogger and lingerie reviewer, has been shortlisted for a national blog award. The final will take place on 29th April 2016 and Becky is in the running for her blog, Becky’s Boudoir. Becky reviews lingerie and talks about her life but recently has also gained attention for her honest and sensitive blogs about her experience of a missed miscarriage and the emotions associated with grieving for a lost child.

Becky herself says that the process of blogging about a situation many women may tend to keep quiet about has been helpful for her and for others, Writing about it all has been therapeutic for me. It had a multi-pronged effect; I regained a lot power being in the position to share my thoughts through the experience, which has helped more people than I thought Id reach with the posts.”

We wish her every success in the awards process - if you’d like to read Becky’s blog, visit and you can vote for her here.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

January’s hot lingerie stories - petitions, lashes and incontinence undies …

Lingerie Football League

The petition first - we blogged about the Lingerie Football League before Christmas and after the first match took place, a petition was launched, asking the owners of Hotel Football, where that match was played, to end their support of the lingerie league.

The league was set up by Gemma Hughes who claims the Lingerie League will highlight the gender gap between male and female players. The petition contained signatures from the campaign group Women In Football and many coaches of women’s teams have expressed their concern that linking lingerie and football is inappropriate for the development of the professional game and may lead to sexual intimidation of women. The women players took to the pitch in suspenders and there was a lingerie fashion show at half time.

Lingerie flingers uncivilised - concert organisers should be whipped

Enrique Iglesias recently have a concert in Sri Lanka which was a howling (literally) success. On December 20th, when he took to the stage in Colombo, excited women ran on stage to kiss him and others threw their lingerie. It might sound like a story from the 1960s, but for Sri Lanka it’s a new development and so shocking that the national President has been led to comment on it.

At a public meeting, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena said that the concert organisers should be whipped with toxic stingray tails” for promoting such uncivilised behaviour which goes against the national culture. Public whipping with the tails of stingrays was a punishment reserved for hardened criminals in medieval Sri Lanka - today the phrase is used to express the need for extreme punishment for severe wrongdoing. In an odd twist, Sri Lanka is in fact a major exporter of lingerie which it manufactures for many international underwear brands.

The aerodynamic qualities of underwear have never previously been a consideration for us, but we’re always willing to rise to the challenge. After a few days spent flinging our scanties in the privacy of our own bedrooms we have discovered some key facts:

Good underwear to throw

Leading the field is the underwired brassiere whose structure seems to make it very aerodynamic - to improve the distance your underwired bra will travel, we recommend fastening the hooks and eyes and using a lassoo style throw by twirling the bra around your fingers before launching it in the right direction. For maximum eye appeal as well as air travel, we would plump for the LuxxaCamargue bra … it’s stunning in appearance and easy to throw, but we bet you’ll never want to let go of it, even for Enrique Iglesias!

Boy shorts are remarkably good throwing underwear too. For these to reach a stage, you need to ball them up and use an overhand throw as in cricket and although they slow down as they travel, they still can get a remarkable distance before they flop downwards - the best of the best for flinging in our view is the Royal hand-printed brief which combines elegant design with excellent throwing potential and comes at a price that won’t break the bank if you do decide to fling them!

Sexy absorbant underwear

Incontinence will be an issue for one in three women, and one in ten men during their lifetimes. Solutions to this problem have generally been disposable pads and adult ‘nappies’ which achieve the necessary result but aren’t necessarily the most enticing underwear in the world. Now a New Zealand company called Confitex is bringing some style to incontinence wear. Their products are available online and utilise bamboo technology to be washable, stylish and odour free.

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Wind, women footballers and winning the lingerie gift game - post-Christmas lingerie stories

Windy undies?

Online specialist publisher Marketing reports something quite fascinating - according to their marketing expert the future of advertising is going to depend, in large part, on using real time information to adjust what we see from advertisers. The example he used is that Asda sells more lingerie when it’s windy …

We’re still trying to work that one out too! Is it because people think of washing their scanties when they can line dry them (we all know not to tumble dry our precious silk underwear, don’t we!) or is it because women expect their skirts to blow up and reveal their less than glamorous knickers? We have no idea and that’s not the only question on our minds, we’re wondering about the thought processes of the computer expert who spotted that statistic too …

Lingerie league outclassed?

In a week when Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have been lauded (again) for letting squatters stay in their Manchester hotel, the legends, plus Gary’s brother Phil, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt are under fire for hosting a Lingerie League match at their Hotel Football. Oh, just to be clear, it’s not the Man U dream team who are out in their non-regulation kit, it’s women. This week saw two women’s football teams strip off to underwear to play football to advance the future of the game.

According to the UK founder, Gemma Hughes who says, ‘I want to see a football revolution in my lifetime’ this event is going to return income and investment to the women’s game. Well, we’re not so sure. In a week where Serena Williams because the first Sports Illustrated's female "Sportsperson of the Year" since 1983 - and wore a lingerie inspired dress to pick up her award, we can’t help noticing that Serena and her sister Venus never played lingerie tennis. There is a difference between lingerie and technical underwear, and the whole point of technical clothing is that it helps you do whatever it is you’re doing a bit better. Whether that’s a control panel undergarment or a set of compression socks for marathon running doesn’t better - it’s designed for performance first and appearance second. The other way round is lingerie, designed to be comfortable for sure, but primarily, and we thing, vitally, designed to look awesome. So you look awesome wearing it. Once those boundaries start to blur, it’s difficult to know how to respond - are we looking at sportswomen in lingerie or lingerie models playing sport? So we like to keep our lingerie where it belongs - on our bodies, when and where we want to display it, and them. Not on a sports field.

Choosing lingerie for your lover

Another survey, by Debenhams this time, shows that in the UK 78% of women are thrilled to receive a gift of sexy lingerie at Christmas but that for a third of those women the feeling of being flattered becomes one of disappointment when the garment in question turns out to be the wrong size.

Overwhelmingly, our men buy us underwear that is too small. We have a great tip to help you get the right lingerie from your loved one - our wish list!  Simply save the items that appeal to you into your wish list and then your partner can pick from your selection, confident that you’re going to love their choices. This year, for example our plus size tuxedo redbaby doll has been flying off to destinations around the world, and that’s no surprise as this uber-sexy lingerie with its black trimmings is both gorgeous to look at and easy to wear … a winner in every sense of the word.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Appropriate and inappropriate underwear gifts this Christmas season!

 Inappropriate underwear the Kardashian way

Before we show you how to choose the perfect naughty gift for your partner, let’s talk about what’s really not so appropriate - Caitlyn Jenner, 66, giving her 18-year-old daughter, Kylie, lingerie. Most people might find that a little strange, given the age difference and Caitlyn’s recent and very public gender change. But that’s not what makes it totally uncool - it’s the fact that (a) Caitlyn choses to make the gift on live TV (well, this is the Kardashians after all) and (b) the undies in question have Caitlyn’s own face printed on them.

Kylie is herself a model but her shock, and clear distaste are obvious as she handles the bra and panties covered in Caitlyn’s portrait. It takes her a few seconds to sum up the situation, and then she nails it, “I have my dad on my underwear,” she says. Exactly!

Women who don’t want lingerie for Christmas

A survey by CouponCabin in the USA claims that not only do 61% of American women NOT want lingerie for Christmas but that 68% prefer to buy underwear on solo shopping trips.

We know for sure than many women prefer to buy lingerie online, but we suspect that’s because it’s easy to browse a lingerie site with a partner, without having the pressure of trying garments on and (literally) exposing yourself in changing rooms. Not only that, intimate conversations, jokes and teasing are natural when pondering your underwear choices in private with your lover, but much more difficult to enjoy when you’re in a lingerie boutique or the underwear section of a department store.

How to choose the perfect Christmas underwear gift

Picking a naughty present for your loved one can sometimes seem a high stakes exercise, but we can take the risk out of it. Here’s the perfect gift buying guide:

1.    Pick a gift that is appropriate to the stage of your relationship - if you're relatively new to each other, then something too intimate will carry a lot of baggage, whether it’s a guy buying underwear for a new girlfriend or a woman choosing a gift for her new lover. 

2.    Choose a gift that allows you to share an experience - if you’re hoping your lover will model their new underwear for you, don’t just buy undies - invest in a scented candle, a box of luxury popcorn and a romantic DVD … the collection of gifts, together, suggest an intimate evening with special moments and nothing could be easier than parading in a gorgeous new undergarment in such a setting.

3.    Don’t opt for  an item that suggests you’re trying to change your new partner - if you love thongs but your partner loves briefs, then buy him or her briefs! Investing in what you love, rather than what they love, is clearly an attempt to change them and that’s going to be badly received - buying gifts that are more for you than for the recipient is always a little creepy and controlling. It could even end your relationship!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

“Santa baby” and other Christmas lingerie stories!

Underwear phone-in sparks lively debate in Dublin

When Dublin’s 98fm talk radio station hosted a call-in that asked if lingerie is an appropriate Christmas present, they got some surprising responses - one lady rang in to say that, a woman should receive a gift that says, “love you and NOT I want to mount you. I would be disgusted if my husband bought me lingerie for Christmas.”

Well that really provoked some debate with many other listeners stating that they would be delighted to receive lingerie for Christmas, not least because it would help “keep things interesting”.  As an online lingerie shop, we know just how interesting lingerie can be at any time of year, but there’s no doubt that we sell more sexy underwear at Christmas than at almost any other time of year.

Perhaps the funniest part of the whole proceedings for us was when the presenters began to ask the listeners what was on their list of Top Ten things Women Want for Christmas - to whit!

1.    Xbox 360
2.    Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
3.    Make-up
4.    Perfume
5.    Engagement ring
6.    Pyjamas
7.    Mop (!)
8.    A weekend away
9.    Hair products
10.  Concert tickets.

We’re frankly amazed - who wants a mop for Christmas? But when it comes to pyjamas we definitely have a recommendation - Jane Woolrich pyjamas are made to order so they are stunningly well made and they couldn’t be more capable of ‘keeping things interesting’ as they make wonderful boudoir garments but are sophisticated enough to be worn around the house too - a perfect Christmas gift. 

Golden undies

China’s super-rich have been having a good year, for many reasons, not least of which is that designers all over the world have been looking for ways to help them spend their money. In the summer we saw shirts for men made out of gold mesh being shown in Chinese catwalks. At a cost of £40,000 per shirt (which looks a bit like a gold string vest) there was very definitely a sense that this was clothing for the man who has everything.

But that’s not all. In Pingliang, China, some amazing underwear went on show at the weekend - a jewellery shop was hosting a catwalk show with a difference, which included a golden bra and pants set weighing 700 grams. The brassiere in question was handcrafted and featured gold chains flowing down the back of the bra, matched by chain links in the panties. The cost for this extravaganza? Around £310,000 in total.

Of course it’s an utterly gorgeous outfit but 700 grams is a lot of weight to be carrying - we think it would get very uncomfortable pretty quickly. If you want some jewelled underwear that doesn’t either cost the earth or weigh a ton, why not invest in something equally stunning but a little more realistic - our Unique Design Venus by Lola Luna is a beautiful G-string with gold accents, decorated with genuine semi-precious stones.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Theft and bare-faced cheek - this week’s most dramatic lingerie stories

Top shoplifts of 2014 - undies!

The Global Retail Theft Barometer has produced a shocking report about shoplifters in the UK. It turns out that shoplifting increased by 3% last year, and the total value of stolen goods over the year is reckoned to be around £800 million. That’s a lot of pilfering! The thing that makes it all so interesting is that petty theft from retailers has become a middle class hobby with the top ‘theftables’ including lingerie, wine, sunglasses and prosciutto ham.

You’ve probably noticed supermarkets security tagging large pieces of meat such as sides of beef and salmon but they are struggling to keep pace with the disappearance of such items as Manuka honey, stockings and video games - items that are much more the preserve of the middle classes than the starving poor who supposedly steal to feed their families.

Much of what is going on is the result of stealing to obtain Christmas presents that maintain the living standards that a family has previously had and means that the the ‘shopping list’ for shoplifters trying to please the women in their lives includes underwear and shoes, perfumes and purses.

How to wear your underwear as outerwear

So if you do receive lingerie for Christmas, how do you get the most out of this luxurious gift?  Well if you emulate Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Ellie Goulding and even Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, you can wear your gorgeous underwear out in public.

Slips and teddies as day wear

Rihanna has one way of doing this - she wears a chemise with Converse trainers and a denim jacket and it looks just right. If that seems too exposed to you, there’s another way to parade your silk slip during the day - slide it over a long-sleeved T-shirt and pop a pair of thick tights underneath then finish the look with ankle boots and a blazer. The overall effect is cute without being too sexy.

Lace bra to evening wear

If you’ve got the blazer that worked so well to cover up a teddy, you can create another stylish lingerie as outerwear look with its help. Lacy bras, particularly those with contrast lace, can make a gorgeous evening top if you wear them under a blazer that you’ve buttoned up until just a small amount of the bra shows, then loop a chiffon scarf around your neck and pin it to one of the lapels with a pretty brooch. This approach gives a range of focal points: brooch, scarf, bra that are all feminine and the combination ensures that you don’t look slutty, just mysteriously womanly! This is definitely not office-wear but it’s perfect for drinks with your partner or a romantic dinner.

Corsets and bustiers

Traditionally a gown has an inset corset to give the figure shape, but it’s very easy to make a corset into a beautiful evening dress. Choose a satin corset with a vibrant colour such as red, purple or blue and then find a long skirt to wear with it - our favourite options include wearing a wrap-around piece of sari fabric in similarly rich shades or opting for a black circular skirt with a net petticoat in the same hue as the corset. Our emerald green pleated bust corset is ideal for this approach as it works with all skin tones and is elegant enough to act as a cocktail dress. High heels and a bolero or cropped jacket will complete the look, as will a high up-do if you have long hair. It’s a dramatic and ultra-womanly look that particularly suits mature women who are confident about their sexuality.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Halloween tricks, bra secrets and David Cameron’s underwear - a week of surprises in lingerie

Dressing for Halloween

If you’re planning a Halloween costume but feeling self-conscious about the amount of flesh on display - don’t despair. It’s certainly true that many Halloween outfits have become skimpier and skimpier and more and more revealing as the years go on, but you can still rock the Halloween lingerie look with our tips and tricks:

   Focus on the face - there are some astonishing looks that you can create with Halloween makeup. Brit+ Co have pulled together a wonderful set of ideas that you can play with and by ensuring you have a dramatic face, people will focus on your makeup artistry and not your costume. Not good with makeup, no matter … the next tip is for you

   Cover up with class - opt for some long gloves, patterned tights or stockings, a vibrant mask and then you can cover up your basic look with a long cape or even a black coat, because your accessories create points of focus that make it clear you’re in costume without you having to bare too much body

   Wig your way through - a great wig will always draw attention to your face and head, not your bod. Neon wigs are fantastic but don’t stop there - embellish your wig with a few focus points such as large fake spiders, tiny vampire bats or even rubber rats weaving in and out of your tresses - you’ll look fantastic and yet you won’t be over-exposed.

The way you put on your bra tells us everything about you

A body language expert claims that there are four personality types revealed by the way we do everyday tasks such as putting on underwear:

1.    If you wear a back fastening bra and you put it on then fasten it with your hands behind you, you’re a supporter - you like to stick to what you know and you generally get on with people pretty well
2.    If you put your back fastening bra on with the fastening at the front, then swivel it round and slide your arms through the straps, you're an influencer - you like to be appreciated and you take pleasure in making statements or experiencing new situations
3.    You opt for front fastening bras? You’re a driver - you are super efficient and make good decisions, but you don’t hang around.
4.    If you fasten your bra and then slide it over your head with the clasp or hooks and eyes already fastened you’re a corrector - a personality type that likes to do things exactly right and don’t feel the need for frills or fusses.

The Prime Ministerial underwear …

It turns out that the Camerons had a gift from Michelle Mone, CEO of Ultimo lingerie brand. In August 2014, a bunch of her merchandise arrived at Downing Street. Was it for Samantha … or Dave? Sadly we’ll never know, because gifts of over £140 in value must be declared and are then held by the Cabinet Office, so the sexy undies (whoever they were meant for) never made it to the bodies in question!