Tuesday 8 November 2016

November is the month for firecracker lingerie

November is the month to up your game when it comes to undies - the summer’s definitely over and it can feel like the fun is done too, but this is the perfect opportunity to explore some lusher lingerie than would be entirely summer comfortable.

Bustiers beneath wool jumpers and richly textured stockings to give your winter boots a bit of va va voom are only the beginning. There’s no reason to keep your boudoir gloves for the bedroom - we’ve found there’s a delicious frisson to be gained from bringing satin gloves into the workplace, and if we know that those gloves are much more than a way of keeping hands warm, they are also a way of getting the bedroom HOT, then that’s all the better on an otherwise grey November day.

A laugh at day keeps the lingerie blues at bay

We also think that November is a good time to be laughing at lingerie and this month we got an alternative view of underwear from an Indian male. Even though we’re big fans of Bollywood we didn’t get all the jokes in Vamsidhar Bhogaraju’s stand-uproutine about lingerie sales in India - we got enough of them to decide this video is probably NSFW though!

Tomboy lingerie for autumn

And while we’re exploring alternative views of underwear, we were very taken with Zara Barrie’s exploration of tomboy style lingerie. We will be honest, we hadn’t thought about wearing braces (or suspenders as they say in the USA) braless … that really takes some body confidence! However a quick honesty poll of the http://www.lingerie.co.uk office revealed that more than one of us has taken the alternative garter route. A couple of our favourite stories:

   “I took the laces out of my husband’s favourite trainers and tied them around my lacy hold-ups. He found that really sexy!”
   “When my OH had been away on a business trip to Hong Kong, I greeted him at the door in a sexy short kimono with fortune cookies tucked under my suspender straps. It was the best home-coming ever.”

And tomboy shorts are definitely a November must have. We stock a wide range of boy shorts from the super-naughty crotchless variety through to the super comfortable Alua by wolbar - which they describe as underwear that you won’t know you’re wearing. We can vouch for that; Alua is so lightweight and superbly well designed that it’s difficult to feel you’re wearing anything at all.

We hope you’ll have found our round-up of firework lingerie has lit a little bonfire in your heart … and remember, we’re here 24/7 to make your November less glum and more glam!