Friday 20 January 2017

Lingerie research and resolutions

January is all about research and resolutions when it comes to lingerie - first up, which students are most likely to be wearing sexy underwear?

As a result of a poll, it turns out that Cambridge University students have the greatest tendency to wear sensual lingerie - with 90% of them having special underwear to wear on a hot date. Interestingly, half of those women always wear this special occasion lingerie when heading out for a first or blind date … so it’s not true that women rush out to buy new undies for a first date, most women hang onto the underwear and change the partner!

The top five universities for lingerie lovers are:


East Anglia

As for sexy lingerie colours - 63% of female Cambridge students say black is best, which red in second place 21% and then black.

In Japan they wear underwear differently

Japanese women have a special phrase for the underwear that you wear to give you a confidence boost on a big day - it’s shoubu shitagi - which means ‘challenge underwear’. In another poll (women seem to have nothing else to do at Christmas than respond to underwear researchers) 32% of Japanese women have shoubu shitagi for dates, and 51% of them have it for days they want extra mental clarity in the workplace. Now this is definitely the opposite way round to the UK where most women choose underwear for dates, not for the office! There’s also a real difference between the two cultures in terms of colour: pink is the most popular colour for hot date underwear in Japan, followed by black and then white, while workplace shoubu shitagi is most popular in black, then pink, then white.

Underwear resolutions for 2017

We've made our own lingerie resolutions and we’d like to share some great underwear ideas with you for the year ahead.

We resolve to:

1.    Wear our best underwear more - whether we’re tucking our corsets under a big slouchy jumper to go for a walk in the country or slipping into our sweetest little panties under a work skirt (shoubu shitagi here we come!) we’re determined to get more use out of our favourite lingerie.
2.    Aim for equality - by buying our menfolk some fab man pants in 2017

3.    Learn our colours - we all have the habit of sticking with what works for us, so we’re going to get brave and try shocking pink, lime green or violet underwear this year. The Dulux colour of the year is Denim Drift, so we’ll be hunting that down for your lingerie drawers too.