Monday 21 April 2014

Victoria’s Secret and smelly stockings …

Only in the USA does a lingerie line get a TV show. Victoria’s Secret is the line and their Fashion Show is big business, being covered in Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and all upmarket fashion venues. The models who parade the catwalk for the fashion show are called ‘Angels’ and the roles are hotly contested. 

Rumour has it that Cara Delevingne has been invited to strut her stuff, and as she’s home grown lingerie talent that seems appropriate. The date is 2 December and the venue is Earls Court – no hard information about ticket numbers or prices yet but hold on to your hats, it will be pricey!

Stockings as seduction devices

Everybody knows that stockings are sexy. It doesn’t matter whether they are laddered, thick and clumpy St Trinian’s style naughty schoolgirl props, sleek and unobtrusive hold-ups that could pass for tights except to the lucky person who gets to see beneath the top layers, or in your face fishnets with stilettos and attitude, stockings are just sexy.

Now Ballerina think they can make them even sexier. Their Hush Hush lingerie line features hold up stockings that are infused with (synthetic) pheromones rumoured to drive men into a sexual frenzy. The company claims that these pheromones, which mimic those naturally produced by human sweat glands, will cause men to feel more romantic.

Now we like stimulants to seduction as much as the next man or woman, but we can see a couple of problems with this. Problem number one … there’s nothing specific about the pheromone effect so it’s entirely possible that the stockings could attract the wrong man, or men, and that could lead to heated arguments or even punch ups, rather than steamed up bedrooms and loved up couples!

Problem number two … does the effect wear off when the stockings are removed? Again, we have no difficulty envisaging keeping our stockings on in the bedroom (or wherever else we might find ourselves) but we wouldn’t want to find the mood faltered just because we’d slipped out of them.

And finally – we wonder just how long the pheromone effect lasts? Does it survive a wash? Four washes? What about tumble drying? In our view, if you want to get your man hot under the collar you can leave the pheromones to one side. The utter lambour of a pair of pure silk stockings needs no embellishment and our Champs Elysees silk stockings by Cervin will do the job without any suspect odours!

Thursday 3 April 2014

Towie strippers, Magic Mike II and the dangers of lingerie parties …

Danielle Armstrong is the latest The Only Way Is Essex hottie to get into her underwear for a photo-shoot. She’s launching her own personal styling boutique (‘all champagne and chandeliers’ is how she put it) and in combination with that, she wants to give her ex James Lock a reminder of what he threw away by having a dirty weekend in Brighton with Big Brother’s Sallie Axl. Confused? We are too. Anyway, we don’t need to get into the ins and outs of Reality TV shows, we’re just delighted that Danielle has chosen some very gorgeous blue lingerie to frame her curves.

Here at we think blue underwear is wonderwear – there’s no complexion or hair colour it doesn’t work for and we’re amazed more people don’t choose it. Perhaps they think blue is not flattering to their skin tones but we have a guide to wearing blue that helps everybody find the perfect blue lingerie.

  1. If your skin tone is warm (you tan easily and coral and peach tones flatter your complexion) choose turquoise and aqua tones for your lingerie
  2. If your skin tone is cool (you don’t tan easily or have freckles and crimson and purple tones flatter your complexion) choose navy and teal tones of sexy underwear
  3. Black and blue work really well together – look at our gorgeous Jennifer lingerie set from Beauty Night to see what we mean but blue and pink can be really difficult combinations. When you’re wearing blue, ensure your tights or stockings are either black or a cool nude tone, nothing like tan or honey which can look less than great
  4. Blue is also fantastic with bedroom jewels, so when you’re wearing blue lingerie, pull out the bling and give yourself a boudoir make-over.

Dublin pub found not guilty for lingerie party injury

This was published on April Fool’s day so we had to go and double-check it wasn’t a Fool’s Day joke! But in fact the Dublin High Court ruled that a woman who was knocked over at an Ann Summers lingerie party could not claim damages for her injuries. Apparently Ms Deehan, who brought the case, had already been a finalist in a competition in which contestants had to burst balloons with parts of their body and then was knocked to the ground by another competitor in a competition to grab a cock ring that had been thrown into the air. Sounds just like an average day in our office, to be honest! Anyway, the judge ruled that while she deserved sympathy for her bruised ribs, she couldn’t claim the pub had been negligent.

 And this isn’t an April Fool, we promise! Magic Mike II is on!  It will be called Magic Mike XXL and Channing Tatum is co-writing the script (yes, we’re swooning too, clever and cute!) Joe Manganiello is back too, although we’ve got no confirmation about Matthew McConaughey so far … so we’ll leave you with the delicious Joe in costume and the thought that by this autumn they’ll be filming the Magic Mike sequel!