Tuesday 9 May 2017

Underwear for photo shoots and drinking at home - May’s amazing lingerie stories!

How to do Finnish drinking in your underwear

Most of us will have tried for some hygge this Christmas - it’s that untranslatable Danish habit of enjoying the simpler pleasures of life and it was a huge meme throughout the festive season. But just recently there’s been a new Scandinavian word on the block - Kalsarikännit. What does it mean? According to the Finns, who created the term, it’s the feeling you have when you’re going to get drunk at home alone in your underwear with no intention of going out. And while we certainly don’t want to encourage solo drinking, we’ve all had the odd occasion when sitting down in our pants with a drink or two has been a very good idea!

There are even a set of emojis that can be used to describe some of the most difficult to translate Finnish emotions, words and customs including kalsarikännit. We love this idea, and thought we’d pick out our top three ‘drinking alone in your underwear’ outfits. So:

   In third place - the Ulla Lima lingerie bra set is a super-cute polka dot bra and panty outfit which is ideal for long movie marathons or cosying up with a favourite book and a couple of lagers.

   In the runner up spot - the Kitty ensemble by Insinuate is a more sultry kalsarikännit option, perhaps for the female sports fan or the woman who’s given to slamming a few shots when she’s home alone. Leopard printed and flirtily tailored, this is just right for a night in with a chilled bottle!

   But our #1 drinking in your underwear outfit is the Lise Charmel douceur fougerepyjama set. Fit for the finest cocktail and comfortable enough for a cosy night at home, this underwear set is the perfect blend of style and substance, whatever your tipple.

Winning photo competitions in somebody else’s underwear!

Then there’s the entrant who won a photo shoot and was then stripped of the prize! The sultry brunette featured in this blog post was a natural winner of the competition, organised by the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk lingerie company in Russia. But when it was revealed that the lucky winner was in fact a 20 year old male student, Andrey Nagorny, who borrowed his girlfriend’s make up and lingerie to enter the contest, they withdrew his prize and gave it to a runner up instead.

It’s a bit of a tricky situation - the organisers didn’t specifically state that women only could enter, and Andrey did enter under an assumed name (Ms Avocado, believe it or not) which could be classed as cheating. However we can’t help feeling that Andrey will be the eventual winner as we’re certain that he - or Ms Avocado - will be offered more photo shoots pretty soon, and probably for a nice fee too!