Saturday 17 May 2014

Ribs, curves and thongs ... our week in lingerie!


It’s always New York where controversies  happen, isn’t it? And this week it’s La Perla New York that’s bought itself a bit of a storm in an AA cup. Well, not so much the cup as the mannequin wearing a red bra.
Spotted by a shopper, the mannequin in question had visible, some might even say, excessively skinny, ribs. The person who took the photo tweeted it with the message, ‘How does #LaPerla think ribs on a mannequin is ok?!’

Good question. Apparently it doesn’t, but by the time La Perla responded, quite a list of twitter users had joined in the controversy, stating the mannequin was awful and gross. Now the lingerie brand has tweeted in turn, saying the mannequin had been removed from the store and that she wouldn’t be used again.


And now for something completely different. Nicki Minaj is famous for the opposite of ribs – her stunning décolletage and wondrous rear end have been assets only slightly less popular than her music and now Ms Minaj has launched an advertisement to support, not her curves, but her wine! She made the ad to feature her Myx Fusions wine label and she was wearing, amongst other items a stunning purple-blue Stella McCartney balconette bra and pantie set, over which she put a fringed skirt (more fringe than skirt, to be honest) and finished the look with a pair of Versace platform shoes.

Her new look, with her natural curls and lovely curves, is definitely a good vintage and for those who have a derriere to admire, taking a leaf from Nicki’s book is a great idea. 


Our favourite bottom-enhancer at present is the Malaguena by Wolbar, which really gives a stunning definition to every rear, and the sheer fabric and dainty bow stop it being even a little bit trashy – it’s a perfect romantic garment which wins votes from women and their lovers – truly a top performer!
One little note – Nicki was apparently nicely oiled up for her video, and we all know that baby oil is the finishing touch of choice of both bodybuilders and beauty contest entrants, but if you want to get the look, it may be better to find a water based body glosser as your bedsheets will probably not recover from being exposed to a lot of baby oil!y.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Lingerie warnings, winners and workers

According to Libya’s Grand Mufti, Sadek Al-Ghariani, the country should immediately stop importing sexy undies, specifically racy lingerie. He’s written to the Prime Minister of Libya, saying that lewd designs which ‘contradict the virtue of modesty’ should be banned. He further claimed that the problem will cease if imports are stopped, as the unacceptable underwear is not generally made inside the country!

The comments have the force of a fatwa, or learned opinion and part of the duty of a Grand Mufti is to create and issue fatwas which will be considered binding by any Muslims who have bound themselves to him, in this case, binding themselves to follow the teachings and guidance of Sadek Al-Ghariani. However, very few women have bound themselves to his teaching so it might be difficult for Libya to find any way to enforce this particular view!

Lingerie winners

Sharon Stone. Perennial star. She’s fifty-six years old and she’s in her scanties on the front cover of GQ Italia this month and she looks amazing! Her black bodysuit with fishnet and lace details is the perfect complement to her tousled hair and strappy heels. What makes Sharon look utterly gorgeous in this picture is her complete confidence – she’s laughing out loud with sheer pleasure and her genuine self-possession gives her a glowing certainty of her own power. The best lingerie does that for a woman, and while Sharon would probably look good in a sack, the bodysuit is perhaps the most flattering and confidence-boosting piece of lingerie that a woman can invest in.

For this purpose, we love the Antigel RockStory body by Lise Charmel. The leatherette detailing gives flattering definition where it’s required and the long sleeves work for any woman who’s less than Madonna-confident about her upper arms. Teamed with black or red heels, or even with boots (cowboy boots work especially well with this body) you’ll find it gives you real star quality whether you’re in the bedroom or on the front cover of a men’s magazine!

Lingerie workers

Sweden is noted for its egalitarian approach to life and now Swedish lingerie chain Lindex has carried workplace democracy to new heights – or depths. Five of its staff members have been chosen to model Lindex underwear for the company’s latest advertising campaign. The five were selected from 45 who applied to take part – they come from Sweden, Norway, Slovakia and Lithuania and they travelled to London to take part in a photo-shoot. It’s quite a common process for Swedish companies to choose from their own staff for adverts although it’s not free from controversy. In the past, Swedish firms have come under fire for getting employees to appear in adverts naked except for strategically placed mobile phones and for asking them to list their bra size on their staff badges to help customers approach them to be fitted for a new bra.