Tuesday 14 April 2015

Lingerie heists, and Halle Berry’s view of washing your undies

A few weeks ago we talked about the theft of Shiori Pikes large collection of contemporary lingerie which she was hoping to make into a museum-worthy archive. Now it seems that an individual has been arrested by Melbourne police in relation to the break in last month. The estimated value of the stolen items of underwear is around £75,000.00 and the 37-year-old man has been charged with burglary, theft, handling stolen goods, possessing cannabis, dealing with property suspected to be proceeds of crime and committing an indictable offence while on bail. As yet, theres no news as to whether the police have been able to recover any of the garments.

And in Bangalore, a paraphiliac thief may have been caught! For months, women in one area of the city had been experiencing odd occurrences when they put their underwear on washing lines - the lingerie would go missing and be found later torn and damaged in nearby buildings or in drainage channels. At first the behaviour was taken to be that of local monkeys, who are known to steal many items, but when it was realised that only womens underwear was being removed, one apartment block committee decided enough was enough. They installed CCTV cameras in the stairwells of their building and caught a man who would arrive by bicycle during the day when the apartment block gates were open, grab lingerie from the washing lines and head off. The residents set a trap and cornered the individual before handing him over to police.

So after a week of thieves, its a a relief to turn to Halle Berrys new comments on her Scandale Paris lingerie line. Astonishingly Halle is forty-eight now, and she looks stunning, which she puts down in part to having such fun designing lingerie, which she describes as, It doesnt feel like work. This for me, feels like play. She also talks about her own favourite underwear which is either black or leopard print - I think we already knew how much Halle loves leopard skin, because she does wear it a lot! And she went on to describe how important she considers it that her underwear line should be affordable by the average woman and also be the kind of thing you can put in the average washing machine. Finally she said that she wants her underwear designs to appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds.

Halles personal sense of style is very strong, and we love her twin preferences of leopardskin and black lace, as show in our photograph. If youd like to emulate Halle Berrys empowered, sassy approach to lingerie, weve got just the gown for you! Seven til Midnights sweeping floor length nightgown has the leopard print, the beautiful lace trim, and lovely criss-cross straps that ensure its a flattering comfortable fit.