Tuesday 5 April 2016

Lingerie for the classroom and for Holi - some specialist lingerie buying stories from lingerie.co.uk!

We love lingerie, but we know it has a time and a place - unlike the subject of our first story this week - and no, it’s not a late April Fool’s Day joke.

 How NOT to browse for lingerie online

A mathematics teacher in San Diego set his class a test and then went online shopping for women’s underwear - but his computer was still linked to the room’s projector so his students were able to capture his browsing history online on the big screen!

Many of them posted the cell phone videos online which is when the Mira Mesa High School became involved and informed parents that the teacher had been placed on administrative leave.
Parents were incensed for several reasons: first classroom neglect - the teacher never lifted his eyes from his laptop to see how the class were doing; second duty of care - a child who walked up to ask a question might easily have seen the teacher’s interest in scanty underwear and third; should a teacher who is supposed to set an example of hard work before fun be indulging in a private passion during class time?

Well, we know all about the third issue - once you start online lingerie shopping it’s very hard to stop!

 Lingerie for Holi

It’s fair to say that Holi is not a huge festival in the UK, which we think is a shame, but we know that quite a few of our lingerie shoppers will be looking for the right outfit to wear for Holi 2016 which falls on 24 March. So we went looking for a few tips on how to approach wearing the right lingerie for Holi.

First and foremost, be prepared to sacrifice what you’re wearing, from top to bottom and from outside to in. It just isn’t possible to be sure that all the Holi paints and dyes will wash out of your clothing, and some naughty revellers deliberately use staining dye to ensure you carry a semi-permanent memory of Holi for quite a while to come. Of course you want to look and feel your best too, on such a happy and fun-filled holiday, so why not try the Wolbar Maracato briefs which are stunning cute, comfortable to wear and won’t break the bank if they end up multicoloured!

For a bra you really need something with a comfort straps that won’t expose too much of your body once you get soaked in water and paint. Our Andora bra has full cups to protect your modesty, gorgeous straps so that you can fight back and fling your paint with gusto and is just so delicious to wear that we bet after you’ve tried it, you’ll want to never wear anything else.