Thursday 8 September 2016

September in lingerie

We’re thrilled to see Naomi Campbell back in lingerie for her new photo-shoot, and even more thrilled that she’s 46 years old and looking fantastic! It’s her 30th year working as a model which makes her career one of the longest in an extremely competitive and unforgiving industry. The shoot, with famous cameraman Mario Testino, reveals Naomi’s intense body confidence and perhaps a sunnier side to the notoriously short-tempered beauty that we often see. 

Her bra and pants set picks up on the athleisure theme that has become all-embracing in the past year. The combination of comfort, performance and style is every modern lingerie brand’s current grail, and we have our own curated selection of underwear that meets those criteria. Closest to Naomi’s white two piece underwear is the Ulla Dessous Kate Lingerie Bra - beautifully constructed lingerie in jet black or gleaming white, with a wired or non-wired bra to suit your needs, and superbly well-fitting pants that are a delight to wear.

Lingerie thief sentenced

Do you remember the Singaporean man who was caught having stolen over a hundred items of underwear? We wrote about him many months ago. It turns out that he has been sentenced to a year of psychiatric treatment.His obsession with women’s underwear had begun about a year ago and when the police raided his home they found 55 bras and 51 pairs of knickers. It’s an interesting questions whether the theft or the lingerie he stole provided him with the thrill he sought, perhaps it was both. Stealing women’s underwear has long been a fetish for both men and women, although women are almost never prosecuted for it.

This month’s storm in a bra cup

DIM, a French underwear brand, got the Twitter treatment when a mum discovered they were marketing a bra for 12 year olds (70a - the smallest size possible in France) that wanted to ‘erase imperfections’ and ‘smooth out the shape’. Women from all over France and the wider world took to social media to suggest that body shaming a twelve-year-old was a pretty poor performance for a brand that claimed it wanted to ‘support’ women. DIM has clarified that they meant the padded bra would smooth out clothing and remove wrinkles and folds … sounds pretty weak to us! 

It’s a good point, because the one thing we notice is all over the media is bust size. From the lingerie manufacturer who made men wear size E cup bras filled with the same weight as an E cup breast, through to Naomi Campbell’s lissom form, the size, shape, colour and conformation of women’s breasts seems to be a constant preoccupation.  We’re not entirely sure which makes us most uncomfortable, the idea of men being strapped into bras as though it’s some kind of punishment or the suggestion that a twelve year old’s breasts are already not good enough for the wider world. Women and their breasts should be allowed to find their own path - braless, underwired, athleisure or however else suits them.