Wednesday 5 July 2017

Lingerie’s naughtiest underwear stories for July

Getting lingerie right for your partner

Yes, we’ve got our headline right, we don’t mean ‘getting the right lingerie for your partner’ we mean getting lingerie right for your partner. So what are we talking about?

Well over at Redbook, a man has written a frank article about what men hate about lingerie when it comes to sex. It’s … interesting, and while he definitely doesn’t speak for all men (not knowing what pants they have on and whether they are clean? That’s really not a universal behaviour) there’s some interesting nuggets in the story to consider. Namely:

    Lingerie can add pressure - so we would suggest that ‘surprising’ your loved one by strolling out of the bedroom in a whole stockings and suspenders ensemble might not be the best idea.  Again, the article rather suggests that couples don’t know each other very well, which is not the experience of the Lingerie team - we think most of our online customers have a clear idea what their partner likes and when they are going to like it! But if in any doubt, it’s a good idea to drop a good strong hint the night before, so that your lover is primed for a ‘special evening’
    Clips, clasps and straps - for some the undoing and removing of lingerie is the sexiest part of a seduction, for others, like the Redbook writer, it can be an obstacle course that kills passion. But again the solution is very simple; if you know your partner isn't the handiest undoer in the business, plan to take off your own underwear, maybe by simply making it clear that this is a solo effort, maybe by putting on some music and doing a simple striptease or maybe by using some handcuffs to ensure your lover simply isn’t free to help you out!
    Keeping novelty novel - on this we can agree. An occasional night of unbridled body painting, mild bondage or edible underwear can work wonders for a relationship, but when these things become a necessity, or something that one partner enjoys while the other merely endures, there’s a deeper problem. Knowing what gets you off is great, but all relationships require compromise and if your other half isn’t as into something as you are, it’s important to work out what works for both of you, and scale back any behaviour that is only succeeding for one you.

Selling lingerie - vending machine style

It’s common in Japan, and has been seen in the USA and France but India is becoming the next country to have lingerie in vending machines. Starting in Mumbai, which is the most liberal of Indian cities, the pre-packed lingerie is the brainchild of Radhika Goenka (the Welspun heiress). But why? There are a couple of reasons - one is that India is still a country where many people are uncomfortable about even slightly racy underwear, so being able to buy without dealing with a store clerk might be beneficial. The other reason is that although online lingerie sales are booming in India, not everybody has reliable access to the internet. We can’t see it being a great success though, as most women who buy underwear online value the opportunity to exchange it if they aren’t fully happy with the fit, and vending machines don’t offer that service.