Tuesday 8 August 2017

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Skinny lingerie models

August’s lingerie stories are all about who can, and can’t wear sexy lingerie. First off, Victoria’s Secret is once again in the headlines, although not for good reasons. Current ‘Angel’ as the VS models are called, Elsa Hosk created a storm on Instagram after posting a topless picture. Commentators expressed concern about her slimness and even said she was ‘way too skinny’.

Brand experts suggest that this is a deliberate strategy on the part of the lingerie company which chooses its models as being the kind of physical ideal that appeals to women, rather than men, which is why they choose the slimmer rather than more curvy, Angels.

This is a really important point because thinness is often seen as an unattainable goal that women must attempt to attain, and positions the brand with the haute couture industry which is famous for choosing models who look ‘malnourished’. While we are happy for everybody to indulge their fantasies, and in fact we have a whole section of our online lingerie store dedicated to helping you do just that, we think that lingerie should be accessible to all, which is why we stock a complete range of sizes and the underwear models we show reflect the entire gamut of female bodies. Why? Because we don’t think that lingerie should be used as a tool of judgement and we genuinely believe that every woman looks fantastic in good underwear, and not only looks fantastic but feels better about herself too.

Primark underwear that you just can’t buy online

We’re not knocking Primark, there’s probably not a woman in the UK who doesn’t have some cheap and cheerful Primark garment in her wardrobe, and that includes us. But the retailer is unpopular with its UK customers after releasing a sexy underwear collection with a difference - the difference being that you can’t buy them in this country!

Frustrated customers took to social media to comment on how cute the undies were and complain that ‘all the nice stock isn’t sold in the UK’ so we took a look and we can help! We have a lovely set that is very similar to the gorgeous bra and thong set that created such excitement online, and we think our red lace two piece set is actually more stunning than the Primark version because its exciting ring detail sets it apart from the average - it’s an unforgettable, but cost effective, wardrobe addition!