Tuesday 29 July 2014

World Cup lingerie tips from Mario Götze’s girlfriend!

One of the most shared photographs of the World Cup (remember that? It seems a long time ago, doesn’t it?) was of Mario Götze scoring that winning goal and running over to smooch his partner, model Ann Kathrin Brommel. The twenty-three year old is an established glamour model, pop artist  and blogger and super selfie taker. So we’ve got five tips on how to look good in lingerie, drawn from Ann Kathrin’s extensive selfie portfolio.

1.    The most important part of any selfie is the angle - before you begin your selfie session, take your phone and an hour of free time to selfie yourself from every angle. Hold the phone high, and low, photograph your right and left profile. Look up, look down. Then take another hour to look at the photos and rank them in order of attractiveness. At the end you’ll know two things - your best angle and your worst! Make sure all your selfies are taken from your best angle … look at Ann Kathrin’s selfies - almost every one is taken from the same angle because she know’s what works for her.
2.    Next, check your background. While you can’t control the background in spontaneous selfies, you can in posed shots. Find an uncluttered background. It doesn’t have to be plain - lingerie can look fabulous set against brocade wallpaper or with you curled up on an embroidered throw. What you don’t want is a lamp growing out of your head or a pile of paperwork lurking in the corner of the shot.
3.    Learn to breathe and relax. It’s a good idea to take a nice deep in-breath and hold it as you take your selfie - it elevates the breasts which can be important to a lingerie selfie! Also, it helps you to stay still. The way glamour models do this is to breathe in, then breathe out, looking away from the camera and as they breathe in again, look back at the camera, imagining somebody really special has just walked into the room. That gives you that all-important wide-eyed and expectant look!
4.    Take loads of shots - finding just the right one might take ten or twenty shutter-clicks but what’s your hurry? Photography is an art, and it requires patience …
5.    Finally, wear something you love. Ann Kathrin can get way with the toughest outfits, but if you’re starting your selfie career we’d recommend (a) a bikini and (b) something with a pattern. The Coffee Land bikini is ideal, as it’s sexy, flattering to all skin tones, and has removable padding for added va va voom! Ann Kathrin also rocks the slicked-back hair look in her selfie, but most women prefer a tousled beach hair look, and if you’re one of them, simply tip your head down and rub your fingers over your scalp to get that mussed up vibe going!

La Senza woes continue

For the second time in two years, underwear specialist La Senza has gone into receivership. Nearly half their stores have already closed and while their locations are being fought over by mobile phone companies and other retailers wanting those prime locations, no substantial offers have been made for the chain which was rescued by an Arabian consortium in 2012. It’s rumoured that former owner Theo Paphitis, now the owner of Boux Avenue, was interested in the shops, but not the business. The shops that have closed have had their sale stock sell out in a matter of hours, suggesting that the lingerie brand still has some life in it yet!