Tuesday 17 September 2013

Lingerie loves, loathes and take or leaves

What we’re loving

 Australia Vogue’s Cara Delevingne cover shoot. It features three of our favourite things right now: bold eyebrows, a crown and a black lace bra!  Fashion is all very regal at present, and we’re happy about it, from our Union Jack cushions to our jewel-embellished thongs, but the way Cara lets her sumptuous lace brassiere peek out from under her gem-encrusted gown is new to us and we’re thinking about how to implement it ourselves.

Lace always works when flashed, and perhaps the easiest way to tailor this look to daily life is to wear a black bra, or even sexier, bustier, under a nude blouse – perhaps not the right look for the office, but a perfect va va voom on a Friday night if you’re going out for drinks after work. And if you don’t have time to change, we reckon you can get away with this by popping a cute argyle tank top or a tailored black waistcoat over the blouse for working hours and then exposing your naughtier side when it’s cocktail hour!

What we’re loathing

The whole ‘hot mess’ phenomenon. It’s not big and it’s not clever. In the past few weeks it’s been applied to Miley Cyrus twerking onstage with a married man; this year’s Miss America contest in which the Indian-American winner, Nina Davuluri has been subjected to some racist abuse and our favourite star right now, Sandra Bullock, who walked a red carpet with a new mermaid hairstyle and wearing a really pretty abstract print Roland Mouret cocktail dress.

We thought Sandra looked stunning with her laid back, ready-to-surf locks and lovely short frock that shows her gorgeous legs, and her style is a little tousled and natural rather than air-brushed perfection, we think she totally rocks the girl-next-door look and that the criticism here was just entirely misplaced. More hot Ms than hot mess, in fact!

What we’re taking or leaving …


Okay, they are utterly gorgeous, and Tom Ford has been working towards this culminating boot for a couple of years, just look at these silver robot bondage boots, for example, but while we adored his New York Fashion Week black corset-style bondage boots with their elaborate lacing from ankle to thigh, and suitably sexy spike heels, we’re not totally, totally convinced.


Well because we think they’re too close to the real thing to achieve their aim. They look cute, and they mimic the effect of lace corsetry but so what? A pair of textured thigh highs or stockings would have the same effect and would offer a further dimension – that of being soft and warm to the touch, not to mention the delicious pleasure of deciding whether to remove them seductively or leave them on for the extra sensual pleasure …

You can’t be quite as comfortable in spike heels as you can in perfectly fitting hosiery. Also, at around £2,000 a pair, we think Tom’s boots are out of our league, but nice stockings are always within budget!

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