Saturday 28 March 2015

Respectful, resourceful, right sized lingerie

Royal disrespect

Heidi Klum has got her knickers in a twist. When she took over the lingerie line founded by Elle Macpherson in partnership with New Zealand based brand, Bendon she certainly didn’t expect to be defending herself against publicity stunts that she considers tacky. However, when she was in London recently to promote the underwear line, she discovered that three models had been photographed in the undies she designed, outside Buckingham Palace.She tweeted very frankly, if not with the best of spelling, ‘Nearly fell of my chair when I saw this. Who did this??? Not me!!! #Not Cool.’

We agree, not cool, and not only is it not okay to use a public space to promote your product without permission and without consideration for the rights and preferences of those around you, the poor models look both frozen and terrified. Not the positive, powerful image of great lingerie on great women that we’d want to portray for sure.

Feminist follicles

On the other hand, Neon Moon isn’t quite working for us either. We love the idea, and we’re all in favour of new underwear lines, but the approach of Hayat Rachi, founder of Neon Moon, has us a little puzzled. Good for her in launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund her feminist lingerie project. Good for her in having a clear picture of what she wants to achieve - filling a gap in the market that she defines as underwear that works ‘around the body, instead of the other way around’ although we’re not too sure what that means.

But Rachi is offering a quite peculiar reward for the people who fund her project; she will dye her armpit hair whatever colour the funder chooses, if they provide £200 in funding, and she’ll take photos to prove it. Um … armpit hair choice is feminist, we get that but why is dying armpit hair and taking photos to send to people feminist? Is there something we’re missing here?

Bold brunettes make more money

Or at least they do for lingerie manufacturers, according to a survey by a New York based lingerie start-up … it must be the time of year for start-ups! The survey is limited in scope to TV ads shown in the USA and that might not be representative of the world as a whole, but what was discovered is fascinating. Given three adverts: one with blonde models, one with a plus size brunette and one with several ‘standard size’ brunettes, the one that did best was the advertisement featuring a generously proportioned brunette - in fact she outsold the blondes by a factor of four to one!

At We like to celebrate all sizes, shapes and colours, definitions, choices and desires, and we’re proud to offer lingerie that works for every need, situation and preference. For example our G-World Lingerie babydoll looks great on every body - blonde, brunette, redhead and whatever the size. 

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