Wednesday 23 March 2016

McCartney 2016 fashion collection, breast shape analysis and would you model lingerie?

Amateur underwear models

A Chinese lingerie firm has found an interesting way to outsource its advertising - it invites its customers to become something that best translates as ‘lingerie masters’ by sending in photographs of themselves in the brand’s underwear. For every three lingerie sets they photograph, they get sent a free set as a reward.

The company claims to have 500 models sending in portfolios in a polyvore style exercise that requires the customers to create a small photoset around a specific theme or location. To our eyes some of the photographs may be a little dubious - one set features a young woman wearing only underwear under her coat, apparently in a bar drinking beer where the final picture seems to show her asleep or passed out with a beer bottle in her hand - not the kind of advertising that’s allowed here, that’s for sure. Others though are quirky, personality-filled snapshots of a life where lingerie matters and we can all celebrate that!

Breast dictionary?

Another underwear line has produced a breast dictionary - describing what it calls the seven different types of breast by shape. It’s an interesting idea, especially given the many women simply don’t know how to measure themselves for a  bra, but we’re not sure that it’s a particularly helpful approach to choosing sexy underwear. A large part of finding what works for each individual woman comes from trying things on and see both how they look and how they feel - the journey of exploring what works for each body and lifestyle simply can’t be reduced to shortcuts like pointing to a picture of boobs and saying ‘those look most like mine’ not least because many women have been trained by exposure to the media to have an unrealistic idea of how their own bodies look. We think there’s no alternative to ordering something that looks lovely and trying it on in the privacy of your own home - after all, any decent online lingerie shop will have a great returns service to ensure that experiments are just as much fun when they fail as when they succeed!

Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2016 Paris collection

While we’re huge fans of catwalk fashion, we don’t always find a direct link between catwalk and products but Stella’s Paris runway was definitely in part a lingerie-inspired show. Whilst puffa jackets were much in evidence (we’re not sure we’re going to give into that trend again) she also had some beautiful silk panel dresses that sit squarely on the boundary line between lingerie and evening wear.

We really fell in love with this silk and lace panel dress but  suspect it may be out of our price range - however, we decided that our Blue Bachelorette dress would be a perfect alternative at a totally affordable price. Also, we think we might go for something other than the white surgical ward shoes … in fact we sort of think almost anything else would look sexier!

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