Tuesday 19 November 2013

Pre-Christmas lingerie gossip and …

Who’s in their undies under the tree?

From the M&S Christmas advert, starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley through to Dannii Minogue posing in her slip for WHO magazine’s Sexiest People 2013 cover, and Melanie Sykes designing picture-perfect underwear  for Ultimo, everybody’s getting their kit off early!

Ms Huntington-Whitely looks every inch the princess in the new Marks & Spencer ad, but it’s attracted a little bit of criticism for the way that her overgarments disappear not once but twice (once falling down a manhole and once on being carried off by a magic carpet) to reveal her lingerie. The lingerie itself is very nice – two different bra and brief combinations in festive red – but apparently this isn’t family appropriate. We were thrilled to see David Gandy appear three times in the advert as:
The Mad Hatter, Aladdin and the Scarecrow, but it’s somewhat of a shame that we didn’t get to see his winter clothing disappear and reveal his undies too!

Dannii Minogue, 42 years old, opted for bright white lingerie for her group photo-shoot. She also said, on being voted a ‘sexiest person, “The older I get the more comfortable I feel about who I am … Ageing has been the best thing for me.” Nice to hear!

And finally Melanie Sykes posed in her own designed underwear for Ultimo. The range features a scarlet body, a red and white lace knicker and bra sets and a very classic black suspender set. Melanie claims that her fantastic body is the result of clay pigeon shooting!

If you’ve been inspired to add some lingerie to your Christmas shopping list, we’d recommend the Strappy Black Lace Chemise by Shirley – it’s an elegant chemise for the Christmas season and it has the cutest integral suspenders to give your look a real wintry wow factor!

Who buys most sexy underwear?

A recent survey suggests that women over fifty in Norwich buy more sexy undies than in any other city! We’re a little confused – didn’t we just read that Scotland was the lingerie-buying hotbed? Well, perhaps it depends on what questions you ask! Anyway, if you’re wondering which were the top ten cities for buying cute underwear:
  1. Norwich
  2. Sheffield
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Edinburgh
  6. Bath
  7. Liverpool
  8. Plymouth
  9. Cardiff
  10. Glasgow

So with Edinburgh at 5 and Glasgow at 9, perhaps the Scots are big undie buyers after all?

Who’s in hot water after the cold war…?

A Serbian politician called Vanja Hadzovic, who is twenty-seven years old and an adviser at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the kind of story you just couldn’t make up, Ms Hadzovic of ‘Foreign Affairs’ has been featured in a national newspaper, Blic, wearing very little and it’s ruffled a lot of feathers.

Most of the shots appear to be selfies and wouldn’t be that surprising, except that Ms Hadzovic is a promising politician aiming for high office. What her future contains now is less certain: let’s just say there’s very little that anybody could blackmail her with … because everybody’s already seen most of what there is to see!

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