Wednesday 4 December 2013

All that’s hot in the lingerie world …

Hot interviews

So, as if it wouldn’t be enough to have the iconic Kate Moss appearing in the even more iconic Playboy Bunny outfit on the front of the 60th Anniversary issue of Playboy, she was interviewed by the uber-iconic Tom Jones!

Yes, the sexiest supermodel spoke to the sexiest ‘Voice’ and in the interview she revealed that she’d like to have dinner with people ‘with naughty stories to tell’ and that she can’t see why anybody would want to have their pictures taken with her. 

In the eighteen-page inner shoot, Kate gets almost naked and makes good use of the roguery offered by the famous bunny outfit. The thirty-nine year old looks absolutely stunning, and we’ve borrowed some of the tricks used in her photo-shoot to create our tips below that reveal how to make your lingerie even sexier.

Hot off the press

When every mum’s favourite, Olympic diver Tom Daley announced his relationship with a man on YouTube, he must have expected a mixed reaction, which is what he got. From our point of view, it doesn’t matter a bit who goes to bed with whom, as long as everybody’s happy, but we were also thrilled that Tom was able to share this information with all his fans and supporters instead of having to let the news trickle out as gossip. His message seems to have resonated with many; gay rights campaigning group Stonewall tweeted, “Moving and inspiring video from @TomDaley1994. A role model for thousands of other young people.”

Of course that’s one excuse for showing you Tom in all his glory, isn’t it?

Hot bedroom clothing

So, when the weather outside is frightful, it can be delightful to wrap yourself up in thermal long johns, but we think there’s a perfect compromise between the sheer hedonism of a grown-up bedroombunny outfit and the saggy comfort of a velour onesie! It’s important to remember that many of us don’t have total control over our bedroom time: crying kiddies, barking dogs or yowling cats, neighbours banging on doors to borrow milk or sugar etc. So our clothing has to work both as boudoir sensation and straight-laced nightwear. Taking Kate Moss as our inspiration we suggest the following ways to spice up a neutral outfit or tone down some spicy underwear:

·              Cuffs are super-sexy – on a bunny or kitten outfit they come as standard ,but to add va va voom to a standard corset or teddy, invest in a couple of cheap black bracelets and add your own details: studs work well for a dominatrix look or you might prefer a snowflake design for winter wear
·              A blush or flesh-coloured robe is an ideal cover up – it adds a neutral concealing effect if you’re wearing something racy and have to leave the bedroom for a domestic emergency but it’s not a passion deadener in itself, in fact, soft pink robes flatter the skin and make a lovely peekaboo contrast to the sexy underwear beneath
·              Bunny ears are great: cute and sexy, but definitely give the game away if you end up wearing them outside the bedroom! A cute alternative is a black lace headband on blonde hair, or a red velvet bow in darker hair … they give a hint of decadence without making it too obvious that you’re planning some horizontal games!

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