Thursday 12 December 2013

Longer, greyer and funnier – news from the lingerie universe


Hair extensions

Cute and talented Daniel Radcliffe has been talking about his new role – Igor in the Frankenstein film also starring James McAvoy. And to do so, he’s shown off his hair extensions which he mistakenly, and chillingly, described as being ‘from a dead person’. Relax Daniel, hair extensions are cut from the heads of the living, not the deceased! Perhaps he was just staying in character – Igor, after all, is a bit of a fan of dead bodies.
So with even our favourite male actors going for extensions, we pondered the role of hair extensions in the bedroom. It certainly gives us options – we can change our looks very swiftly and for role play it can be great to have a clip in fringe, a la Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction or a mass of curly tresses to spill over a wasp waist corset for an Edwardian-themed evening of fun and frilly undies. Here are a couple of tips if you’re going to try clip-in hair extensions.

To keep clips firmly in place, even during bedroom romps, make sure you backcomb your own hair right at the root, which roughens the finish and keeps the clips locked in place. A tail comb or a teasing brush will really help the process. Remember that if you backcomb the hair directly above the extension it will help it blend in more naturally and if you’re using your extensions to make an updo, simply clip them in upside down – that way they are already travelling in the right direction to contribute to a feminine bun or messy chignon. 

If you have curly or wavy hair, damp it slightly with a spritz of water or setting lotion (yes, that stuff your granny used to use, it’s an excellent aid when working with hair extensions) and roll your hair onto some really big sponge rollers and allow to dry naturally. Whether your using human or synthetic hair, this process gives your own hair a better chance of blending into the extensions than trying to fit them into your hair in its natural state.

Hottest lingerie 

E L James has partnered with KappAhl from Sweden to produce lingerie based on the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy! It’s very classic and elegant, based on a black satin base with grey lace and flashes of scarlet. What we liked most about the whole line is that they used the gorgeous Signe Nordstrom to model the lingerie. Signe is no waif, and looks utterly gorgeous in the new line. If you’d like to invest in some grey undies for Christmas here are our recommendations: 

·              Best for brunettes – dark haired and dark skinned ladies can wear almost any shade of grey but this gorgeously feminine nightgown offers a stunning contrast with darker complexions

·              Best for blondes – sometimes grey can leave blondes looking washed out and very pale skin tones can even take on an unwelcome tinge of green against bluish greys – this scintillating teddy sparkles with light and flatters every shade of blonde through to pure silver

·              Best for redheads  - the dense grey tones of this elegantbustier make the most of red hair, and the black trim provides a dramatic contrast that draws attention to your curves

Hilariously sexy advert

Our biggest Christmas laugh and swoon are simultaneous this year – Aldi’s utterly giggle-making champagne advert has been the biggest hit in the office over the past week!

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