Wednesday 1 January 2014

2014 sexy projects, promises and resolutions

New Year, New Bra technology?

Windows bra anyone? Yes, researchers at Microsoft have been working on a smart bra, but it’s not about picking up your emails or browsing online but a way of monitoring a woman’s mood. They’ve already tested a prototype that records heart and skin activity to identify mood levels in an attempt to discover if their technology could help women who tend to over-eat when they are stressed. The bra links to an app which tells women when they might be at risk of ‘emotional eating’. A bra was chosen as it’s close to the heart – we can confirm that; a bra is close to a woman’s heart and close to the heart of many men who think fondly of this item of underwear!

Meanwhile, Australia’s Silent Assembly lingerie line claims to have made the underwire obsolete. Their new bra supports are made of a polymer that is as strong as metal, more comfortable and have a memory, like memory foam in mattresses, which restores itself to the ‘taught’ shape, even if pushed out of shape by movement.

We think the nicest bra for the New Year is the Roza Bra which is decorated with little clusters of pink hearts on a sheer black ground – very pretty, very comfortable and a very good investment for the next big day coming up, which is …?

Already thinking of Valentine’s Day?

Marks & Spencer have had a hit and miss year, but they’re pinning a lot of their hopes on their Valentine’s Day underwear campaign, which will be fronted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who also starred in their Christmas advert. She’s already had a great hit with her 2012 collection which was highly ruffled and romantic

New Year’s Resolutions for lovers 

  1. Take a staycation - or even a sexycation. We can all boost our sex lives without having to spend a fortune. A weekend away somewhere with a log fire and no need to do the washing up is an amazing libido booster, but if you can’t even run to that, why not try making a shrine to your sexual self in every part of the house? Buy a great cushion and a soft and comfortable throw and ‘camp out’ sexually with your lover in each of your rooms. You’ll be amazed at how you view your home, and your sex life, in a new light!
  2. Get to know your best sexual partner – you! Take some time this year to discover your own likes and dislikes, the parts of your body that respond in ways you never expected, the role of sex toys in your personal sexual fulfilment, and the way that your flesh and mind react to different stimuli. You don’t need any other partner for this voyage of discovery and the results will be amazing: increased confidence, better understanding of your own physical nature and a real mastery of your body’s needs, desires and capacities.
  3. Be playful – in a grown-up way. We forget to play and then wonder what’s wrong with our sexual lives. Playing doesn’t necessarily mean cuffs and blindfolds. You can play by sitting on the floor and having an adult picnic followed by a pillow fight. You can play strip poker, twister or a dedicated adult game like Hot & Horny Wild Dice. Your partner will love being taken back to the carefree days of childhood but with a very grown-up experience at the end of the evening!

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