Wednesday 8 January 2014

Selfies in your undies

No lesser authority than the Financial Times says underwear is the new outerwear – so it must be official! The article is long … really long, so we’re going to be brief … very brief (or even very briefs!)

We love the idea of underwear as outerwear but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to pull off. Of course that’s no reason not to try it, but we’d advocate starting simply and working your way to the full ‘abs out’ bra and shorts with stilettos look! How about beginning with a gorgeously decorated bra under an intentionally sheer blouse worn with a long boho skirt? Once you’ve mastered the peekaboo look, you can begin a more flamboyant journey into lingerie as streetwear. There’s the Rihanna approach of wearing a bright teddy with tall boots, under a long coat – it’s not as natural a look in chilly Britain as it is in the balmy Bahamas but if you fancy it, why not try layering some lace by investing in a lovely teddy, pulling on a lacy shrug over the top and slipping into mini-skirt. Top the lot with a fun-fur coat and you’ve got an original and sultry look that isn’t too blatant. We’d suggest Giselle by Diki, as it comes with its own overjacket for those not totally confident about underwear as outwear.


We can’t all be Leilani Dowding, who’s been posing in her own lingerie line for selfies posted on twitter, but we can all take a good selfie for our loved one. If you’re checking out Leilani’s pics, note the number of camera and lighting tripods, photographers and assistants lurking in the corners of a couple of the shots … sure it looks like a candid picture, but every one of those selfies was a quick snap taken in the middle of a carefully crafted photo-shoot!
  • Look for some apps - Instagram apps like Camera+ or Instagram filters like Inkwell, can massively improve the results from the phone selfie … check what’s available to you and experiment with using it before trying for a good selfie.
  • Remove your phone cover - it’s entirely possible the cover that protects your phone from damage also limits the light available and can even contribute to poor focus. Also, consider sticking your phone to a convenient shelf or wall with bluetack or building a platform with books, or using pegs and a coat-hanger – anything that serves as a support for your phone. Then use the self timer to get a better shot. Shooting from above slims you and gives you elegance.
  • Groom well – it’s amazing how a camera picks up everything thing with brutal clarity: razor rash is horrible in a selfie, as are unkempt hairy areas of any kind (hairy areas that you and your lover like to keep hairy are great, but they need to be groomed, not matted and dull)
  • Aim for natural light - early morning or mid-afternoon are great times to get a good sexy selfie – increase the light by posing near a mirror … that’s sexy in itself!
  • Stick to neutral – your background should be plain and simple, you’re the star of the show so make it so!
Of course, if you’re Chris Pratt and you’ve been in training for your starring role in Guardians of the Galaxy, forget the rules and just selfie your abs in the gym! We promise to forgive you.

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