Tuesday 4 February 2014

Love-test underwear, games you shouldn’t try at home and mind-boggling news about Bradley Cooper

Ravijour, the Japanese lingerie brand, is definitely a high tech company. Their latest creation is a bra that will only unfasten when the wearer is having a ‘true love’ experience.

It sounds a bit like a modern-day chastity belt and the video that accompanies the launch of the love –bra definitely picks up on that theme, showing a scantily clad model whose bra stays resolutely clasped despite a creep waving a bunch of cash at her and a geek trying to seduce her with words. Of course it’s not quite that simple – there’s a heart rate monitor installed in the bra and a mobile phone app that responds to the heart rate of the wearer by unhooking the bra when the wearer’s pulse hits a certain level. According to the boffins who created the device, it can distinguish a raise pulse as a result of exercise or a heated environment from that which happens when the wearer is feeling romantic excitement. All I can say about that, is the designers haven’t tried doing hot yoga with my particularly fit male instructor – I think this bra would keep popping undone in those circumstances!

If you want a bra that raises temperatures, why not try the Gracya Mon Amour half-cup bra set – it’s a sizzler that doesn’t need technology to unlock it!

Don’t try this at home!

They have to make their own entertainment in Australia, specifically the sleepy (but very clean) little town of Mooroopna, north of Melbourne, where one lively chap was playing a game of hide-and-seek when things went wrong.  Here are our tips if you’re going to play games at home:

  • Hide and seek is fun – but don’t climb into household appliances (the twenty-year-old Australian got stuck in a top-loading washing machine)
  • If you’re going to play grown-up games, limit them to a safe and secluded environment (he was naked)
  • Remember that accidents happen so it’s a good idea to have your mobile phone handy (he was there for twenty minutes)
  • Even if your partner’s favourite fantasy involves uniforms and lube, it’s still not a great idea to be freed from a piece of white goods by the local fire crew using olive oil … sure, he or she will never forget the moment, but for all the wrong reasons!

Really, if your home town is boring, and you want to have fun, we suggest you invest in our Fifty Days Of Play NaughtyKit which will give you hours of grown up fun without the high risk approach taken by that daring Australian chap!

We can’t wait for Bradley Cooper to reprise his role …

Or can we? Those of us who saw Benedict Cumberbatch in Frankenstein were amazed at how the cerebral ‘Sherlock’ persona gave way to a vigorous and frankly disturbing ‘creature’ and revealed that Cumberbatch has a sinewy and powerful body!

However, we’re unsure about the Bradley Cooper Elephant Man commitment. Bradley’s already starred in the piece in 2012, to great acclaim, and he performs without prosthetics or make-up, which is a dazzling performance by all accounts, but we might give it a miss – we like to think of Bradley the way he looks here. Of course, if we were offered tickets for the Broadway show, that might change our minds, but we’re pretty sure it isn’t going to happen, so we’ll feast our eyes on the classic Bradley instead!

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