Wednesday 19 February 2014

Bans, football fans and spring plans …

Bans, football fans and spring plans …

While we’re all glued to the Sochi Olympics, a quiet but troubling change has been taking place in Russia. It’s all to do with sexy underwear and Russian women are so outraged that they have been protesting in public about the trade ban.

It’s an unusual situation – any lacy undies that contain less than 6% cotton will be banned from manufacture or sale in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and that includes import lingerie. And the populace is furious at the reminder of the bad old pre-glasnost days when Soviet underwear was apparently riveted together out of girders!

Women protesting in Kazakhstan were vociferous, and the police arrested them for wearing lace underwear (on their heads) and shouting a phrase that most closely translates as “freedom for knickers”! They weren’t the only fighters for underwear choice; thousands of people began to tweet pictures of old style Russian underwear to show why they were so unhappy at the proposed legislation that will come into effect in July. And, of course, the Russian Olympic team’s female members got into the act, appearing in their sexiest lingerie to show just how feminine they are. Whether the whole thing is just a huge stunt is difficult to tell, but it’s certainly the case that Russia is one of the world’s biggest consumers of sexy undies and the ban could reduce lingerie sales in the country by up to 90%.

Savage underwear revealed

Also in underwear – Robbie Savage! Yes the blond-haired footballer has been revealing his smooth torso for an underwear shoot. Somewhat to our surprise, while Robbie has a gorgeous golden tan, there’s not a hint of a six pack in the video which was released in advance of the actual video, a sort of underwear prequel we suppose. Here in the office we’re always delighted with gender equality so having Robbie and the Russian women Olympians posing in their underwear in the same week seems just right. And for those of you who haven’t seen Robbie in his skivvies and can’t wait for the official video release, here’s an unposed shot that we hope will satisfy your curiosity.

Investment lingerie for spring 2014 in Pantone’s top colours

Spring, we’re being told, is just around the corner, but it doesn’t feel like that to most of us. We’re still pulling on our woolly tights and contemplating whether or not we need our thermal vests on a daily basis, but it’s never too early to start planning your spring underwear wardrobe. Babydolls are a key feature of the lingerie spring clean, offering a sweet but sensual introduction to the full heat of summer. This year Pantone predicts that the most fashionable colours will include freesia, sand and a muted green called hemlock. Our Lise Charmel Garden Folie babydoll combines these shades in a beautiful pastel fashion, so if you want to be on-trend for spring 2014, it’s a real investment buy … perhaps as an early Easter present to you and the one you love?

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