Thursday 6 March 2014

No underwear church, pole dancing and rocking like Rosie …

Lingerie ban I

We thought we’d heard everything there was to hear about the world of lingerie … but no, we can still be surprised! What got our knickers in a twist this week was a story from Dandora, a suburb of Nairobi, which revealed that the local pastor has asked his congregation to give up their underwear for Jesus.

Apparently Reverend Njohi ordained that women shouldn’t wear bras or panties to ‘experience the touch of Christ’. His church is called Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church and he says that women will experience dire consequences is they are caught wearing undergarments to church in secret!

Lingerie ban II

An update on the Russian lingerie situation. With the tense situation in Ukraine and Crimea, a little light relief might be in order. We reported a couple of weeks ago on an underwear ban that could have Russian women back in Soviet style ‘regulation underwear’. Supposedly the ban is to protect Russia’s feminine population from cheap materials that might affect their health negatively, but no less a person than Hilary Clinton called the law a way to ‘re-Sovietize the region’.

Obviously Russia’s lawmakers didn’t read the PhD thesis written by Christiana Tsaousi (Leicester University) entitled ‘Consuming Underwear: Fashioning Female Identity’ which suggests that ‘… underwear can be seen as a technology of the self and as embodied cultural capital. It functions both as a support for outerwear and the body, and as a tool for self-fashioning and self-improvement due to the intense sensations it can produce for the wearer …’ Or, given that this is Russia we’re talking about, maybe they did, and found the idea of women improving themselves through consumption to be such a troubling idea they decided to legislate against it!

Something for everyone

Pole dancing with a difference here! The amazing Jason Statham, who is busy filming Mechanic 2, shows off his stunning abs in this shot which gives ‘beach body’ a whole new meaning. He’s 46 but few men half his age could compete with Statham’s amazing physique. 

And why? Well, part of the reason might be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, lingerie model and actress who is 26 and has been dating Statham for around three years. Despite the rumour of a break-up, the couple appear to be very much an item. Rosie’s just finished filming Mad Max: Fury Road and is unlikely to appear in the sophisticated lingerie that we’re more used to seeing her in.

We won’t suggest that you develop abs like Jason’s, because we can’t help feeling that such dedicated perfection requires winning the genetic raffle as well as hours of hard work, but if you’d like to recreate Rosie’s sexy outfit, we’d recommend our Lise Charmel Precieux Tissagelingerie bras – flattering in design, easy to wear under day clothing and yet very simple to dress up for the boudoir with a couple of accessories, maybe a mask and choker or perhaps some sheer gloves like Rosie’s.

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