Wednesday 19 March 2014

What’s hot in lingerie: breasts and a new male model …

Breasts matter …

Everybody is breast aware these days: this Saturday (22nd March) a lingerie retailer in Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent is partnering Breast Cancer Care to encourage women visiting the shop to banish their ill-fitting bras and to learn how to examine their own breasts.

We’re totally in favour of breast examination and very much applaud the aim to get women, world-wide, into well-fitting lingerie.  If you’re looking for the perfect bra, browsing our range will definitely reveal something just right for you, in particular our Gracya Mon Amour half-cup bra which comes in an extensive size range and is the perfect way to present your bust!

Good breast health is more than just breast examination – body confidence is crucial to our sense of self and our physical well-being. The right underwear improves a silhouette, gives us curves where we want them and not where we don’t and provides a sense of style that we can call upon even if nobody (except our lover) gets to see what’s making us feel so happy and secure in our own skins.

On that note, The Sun newspaper, best known for its Page Three lingerie models, has teamed up with the charity Coppafeel to encourage everyone to examine their breasts every Tuesday. Both men and women are liable to discover lumps in the breasts and the majority of these lumps are benign but early discovery and investigation are vital to ensure that the possibility of breast cancer is ruled out.

New top model?

Talking about lingerie models, we have some very special eye candy this week. The headlines have been grabbed by a new kid on the block – Alex Minsky, whose story is quite astonishing.  Back in 2009, less than a month after arriving in Afghanistan, Marine Minsky was blown up when his vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device. The bomb tore his life apart, breaking his jaw in four places, tearing his arm apart and amputating his right leg below the knee. He was not expected to survive and his mother was told that if he lived, his live would never be the same again. That was for sure!

Today he’s the hottest male model around, from his prosthetic limb to his amazing body art. But before he reached those heights, his life degenerated. On release from hospital after months of surgery, he developed drug and alcohol problems and it was only when he’d been through rehab and started using the gym to keep his demons away that he was spotted by a photographer. We think Alex Minsky is pretty special, and we’re confident you will too!

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