Monday 29 September 2014

Lingerie controversy - undies in the news this week!

Ladies in lingerie

It’s been a week of hot heads and high words around women’s underwear this week!  Perhaps the hottest - and least controversial - story is the one that featured Lindsay Lohan out partying with E.L. James of Fifty Shades of Grey fame. Yes, one of the wildest ladies on the planet was out and about with the leading erotica writer … not only that, Lindsay was wearing black lace lingerie and E.L. sported a mask. Can we be totally honest? We think our Princesse Suabi mask is prettier by far than the one E.L. wore … the delicate touches of gold in our design are really flattering and the lace detailing is more feminine and mysterious than a solid mask, which, when worn in public can give off more of a Zorro vibe than a sensual one!

As for Lindsay, her cute underwear was part of a London Fashion Week jaunt, not a failure to remember to put her outwear on. One of the most intriguing rumours emerging earlier this year was the Lindsay might be asking E.L. James to write her memoir - we can’t imagine anybody better to bring us the scandals and excitements of Lindsay’s life so far!

Lingerie is not a crime

Franchise brand Tezenis came under fire on Twitter this week, after an Oxford Street shop window displayed a pair of Tezenis knickers with the message ‘crime scene’ printed on them, as if they were draped with yellow police tape. The backlash was fast and furious, with many people taking to social media to comment on the connotations of rape that the panties suggested, and also saying that they found the underwear ‘gross’ and ‘sexist’.  Many commentators highlighted the way that sexual violence appeared to be condoned by the slogan.

While the company has refused to talk about the garment, in a statement it released soon after the uproar began it said that the item had been removed from the store and would not be available to purchase online.

Hi jinks on high!

Good old VietJet are at it again. A ‘test’ advertising campaign featured Vietnamese beauty queens in yellow and red bikinis, thigh highs and red high heels, acting as cabin crew. Stills leaked from the ad caused an outcry, not least because of last year’s VietJet stunt which led to a £100,000 fine for the airline. On that occasion a bunch of bikini sporting beauty queens promenaded down the aisle of a packed plane - in the air - and handing out teddies to delighted looking male passengers.

One reason for the kerfuffle was the the song to which the beauty queens were strutting had the lyric ‘I’m crazy for banana’ which is suggestive to say the least, more seriously, there were concerns about whether safety regulations had been breached. Whatever else you say about VietJet, they’re really good at gaining publicity - and choosing underwear!

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