Friday 10 October 2014

3D, Royalty and Pregnancy - a week of lingerie news

We’ve seen the future of lingerie - and it’s printed

Remember that a few weeks ago, we reported on a strict new ruling about lingerie that insists that in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, nothing lacy could be sold. The theory was to stop retailers selling poor-quality synthetic underwear that could harm women’s reproductive health. Well, a German lingerie brand, Lascana, has just developed a new lingerie line that is definitely synthetic but will escape the ban. Why? Because it’s not woven or sewn - it’s printed on a 3D printer! The clamshell lingerie set was inspired by Botticell’s ‘Birth of Venus’ and features a clamshell bra and panties.

The Russian lingerie market is around £3 billion in value, which means that any company that can find a way to get its sexy undies to Russia legally is likely to make an absolute killing. It’s not even out of people’s price range, although you might have to save up for it - the bra and knicker set will probably retail at around £60.

A future royal in Britney’s knickers?

No, not a scandal about her love life, rather, a bit of astute marketing. When Britney Spears was in London last week to launch her new underwear collection, she is reported to have said that she would love to see Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, in her designs, and to that end she’s going to send every single item in the new lingerie line to the Duchess. Kate, who’s currently expecting her second child and wrestling with terrible morning sickness, just as she did when carrying Prince George, hasn’t commented on the offer and we don’t expect to see any underwear selfies of the Duchess in Britney’s scanties any time soon!

Oddly, Britney chose to comment on the role of men in her life when she was interviewed in Denmark, suggesting that women don’t necessarily need a man - just a good bath and some nice underwear! Of course she’s got to sell her line, but it’s a bit of an odd approach, we think. Perhaps she’s just a bit jet lagged.

Perfect underwear for pregnant women

Dita von Teese has been pondering the pregnant form and its underwear needs too, apparently. She has designed some undies that work for expectant women, based on the experience of friends of hers who wanted sexy but comfortable lingerie. Of course every woman wants to look good when she’s expecting, and many men find this an alluring and appealing stage of a woman’s life, But finding underwear that works can be difficult. Our recommendation for an investment lingerie item that will take you from your first weeks to beyond childbirth is the Lise Charmel Splendeur Inca robe which rides magnificently over any size of bump and has a rich pattern that flatters any shape or size.

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