Wednesday 28 January 2015

Online lingerie, replacement bodies and good clean fun - sizzling lingerie stories to beat the winter chill

Online underwear grows

It turns out that we’re not just a lingerie seller - we’re a key trend! At we watch the global market with keen eyes to discover the latest trends in sexy lingerie, to test the claims of new underwear manufacturers and to explore what is the best in lingerie to bring to our customers. But sometimes we ourselves are subject to scrutiny and it turns out that a new report suggests that the global online lingerie market will grow 18.1% over the next five years. Given that the world economy is expected to grow by less that .5%, that’s a healthy statistic!

In addition, it seems many customers prefer buying lingerie online because they are intimidated by bricks and mortar stores or because they find it difficult to sort through the vast array of ‘real’ garments to find what suits them best. Instead they browse online where they can sort their searches by exact size, style and colour - which is why our site is searchable in a range of ways, to give you the best possible online lingerie shopping experience!

The body that’s replaced ‘The Body’…

is Heidi Klum. It’s actually a great and sad day, for Bendon, the Australian underwear brand, which has had a quarter century association with Elle Macpherson, because in choosing their new ‘face of’ they’ve gone for 41-year-old Heidi, not some 19-year-old sizzler. Nothing wrong with 19-year-old sizzlers, of course, but what Bendon seem to recognise is that most lingerie is sold to, or bought for, more mature women, with a real sense of what works for them, and what they like.

Klum, who is best known for Project Runway, is absolutely stunning in the new Bendon range and reveals just how important confidence can be to a good boudoir photograph. We loved the elegance of the grey and pink bra that debuts for the line and whilst Heidi is a blonde, it’s one of those colour combinations that works for everybody from the palest-skinned red-head through to olive and deep coffee skintones. Browse the selection of similar colour ranges to find something that will rock this look for you!

Getting dirty to get clean

Saskatoon is noted for its long cold winters, but one local entrepreneur has found a new way to warm things up - Emily Kempin has established a lingerie cleaning service. No, not somebody to hand-wash your skimpies, but a cleaner who comes and removes your dirt whilst wearing underwear. Okay, it’s not a new idea, as our picture from “MadMen” shows, but it’s a fun one!

Called Dirty Business, the cleaners work for $200 per hour, which is considerably above the going charlady rate for Saskatoon, and are provided with minders who ensure that the housemaids get to tidy up without any inappropriate touching or other intrusive behaviour, although the clients are allowed to take pictures and enjoy some ‘playful banter’.

Hmm … would our Head Maid costume meet with the approval of Saskatoon’s lingerie-cleaners, I wonder?

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