Thursday 8 October 2015

Cate Blanchett’s scanties, the lingerie sales problem in Saudi and how to pick Halloween lingerie

 Cate Blanchetts shameful underwear

According to Cate Blanchett, her underwear doesnt match up to the designer gowns she wears at film premieres. What she claims is that [people] would be horrified if they could see my underwear drawer and she goes on to say that the only reason she does photo-shoots is to get more underpants. Wow!

First, we cant remember the last time anybody called womens panties underpants - knickers, pants, undies, bottoms and scanties yes, but underpants - straight out of a 1950s boarding school novel. Second, Cate goes on to say that shes still wearing lingerie her mother made for her when she was in high school and we can certainly get behind that - theres something very special about handmade underwear that makes it both durable and comfortable but thats not the only reason it lasts so long. We also think that when weve got made-to-order lingerie like our Jane Woolrich range, we tend to treat it better by washing it more carefully and storing it with more love, which makes it last much longer.

Saudi undies at risk

Then again, theres a genuine problem with underwear in Saudi Arabia - changes in legislation that required Saudi fashion and lingerie boutiques to employ only Saudi females have led to around 40% of those shops closing, according to one report. Owners of underwear shops have called on the Ministry of Labour to change the rules because Saudi women are said to fail to turn up to work for weeks on end and to quit jobs without notice.

On the other hand, the Ministry suggests that the failure to provide staff rooms that are female only, and the lack of provision of toilets for women are contributing to the problem. We can definitely see that having no female only toilets would cause women to give up work!

Choosing lingerie for Halloween

Maybe you're aiming to dress up and go full out as a Halloween witch, vampire or some other sexy spectre - if so, good for you! On the other hand, many of us are still quite reserved about Halloween, or consider it to be a celebration for kids rather than adults - were equally comfortable with that approach. One thing we would like to urge though, is the opportunity to view Halloween as a chance to try some lingerie shades that might not normally strike you as your first choice, such as orange.

The hue of pumpkins is rarely considered to be particularly sexy in the west, although as Persimmon its a highly popular shade in South East Asia in particular. Wed like you to reconsider this particular colour as part of your lingerie palette. The harvest orange shades of the Lise Charmel Vibration Sutracamisole make it work for every skin tone and the beautiful bias cut of the design and the gold embroidery give it an autumn richness that could the Night of the Dead into an evening thats very lively indeed!

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