Friday 30 October 2015

Halloween tricks, bra secrets and David Cameron’s underwear - a week of surprises in lingerie

Dressing for Halloween

If you’re planning a Halloween costume but feeling self-conscious about the amount of flesh on display - don’t despair. It’s certainly true that many Halloween outfits have become skimpier and skimpier and more and more revealing as the years go on, but you can still rock the Halloween lingerie look with our tips and tricks:

   Focus on the face - there are some astonishing looks that you can create with Halloween makeup. Brit+ Co have pulled together a wonderful set of ideas that you can play with and by ensuring you have a dramatic face, people will focus on your makeup artistry and not your costume. Not good with makeup, no matter … the next tip is for you

   Cover up with class - opt for some long gloves, patterned tights or stockings, a vibrant mask and then you can cover up your basic look with a long cape or even a black coat, because your accessories create points of focus that make it clear you’re in costume without you having to bare too much body

   Wig your way through - a great wig will always draw attention to your face and head, not your bod. Neon wigs are fantastic but don’t stop there - embellish your wig with a few focus points such as large fake spiders, tiny vampire bats or even rubber rats weaving in and out of your tresses - you’ll look fantastic and yet you won’t be over-exposed.

The way you put on your bra tells us everything about you

A body language expert claims that there are four personality types revealed by the way we do everyday tasks such as putting on underwear:

1.    If you wear a back fastening bra and you put it on then fasten it with your hands behind you, you’re a supporter - you like to stick to what you know and you generally get on with people pretty well
2.    If you put your back fastening bra on with the fastening at the front, then swivel it round and slide your arms through the straps, you're an influencer - you like to be appreciated and you take pleasure in making statements or experiencing new situations
3.    You opt for front fastening bras? You’re a driver - you are super efficient and make good decisions, but you don’t hang around.
4.    If you fasten your bra and then slide it over your head with the clasp or hooks and eyes already fastened you’re a corrector - a personality type that likes to do things exactly right and don’t feel the need for frills or fusses.

The Prime Ministerial underwear …

It turns out that the Camerons had a gift from Michelle Mone, CEO of Ultimo lingerie brand. In August 2014, a bunch of her merchandise arrived at Downing Street. Was it for Samantha … or Dave? Sadly we’ll never know, because gifts of over £140 in value must be declared and are then held by the Cabinet Office, so the sexy undies (whoever they were meant for) never made it to the bodies in question!

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