Wednesday 18 November 2015

Theft and bare-faced cheek - this week’s most dramatic lingerie stories

Top shoplifts of 2014 - undies!

The Global Retail Theft Barometer has produced a shocking report about shoplifters in the UK. It turns out that shoplifting increased by 3% last year, and the total value of stolen goods over the year is reckoned to be around £800 million. That’s a lot of pilfering! The thing that makes it all so interesting is that petty theft from retailers has become a middle class hobby with the top ‘theftables’ including lingerie, wine, sunglasses and prosciutto ham.

You’ve probably noticed supermarkets security tagging large pieces of meat such as sides of beef and salmon but they are struggling to keep pace with the disappearance of such items as Manuka honey, stockings and video games - items that are much more the preserve of the middle classes than the starving poor who supposedly steal to feed their families.

Much of what is going on is the result of stealing to obtain Christmas presents that maintain the living standards that a family has previously had and means that the the ‘shopping list’ for shoplifters trying to please the women in their lives includes underwear and shoes, perfumes and purses.

How to wear your underwear as outerwear

So if you do receive lingerie for Christmas, how do you get the most out of this luxurious gift?  Well if you emulate Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Ellie Goulding and even Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss, you can wear your gorgeous underwear out in public.

Slips and teddies as day wear

Rihanna has one way of doing this - she wears a chemise with Converse trainers and a denim jacket and it looks just right. If that seems too exposed to you, there’s another way to parade your silk slip during the day - slide it over a long-sleeved T-shirt and pop a pair of thick tights underneath then finish the look with ankle boots and a blazer. The overall effect is cute without being too sexy.

Lace bra to evening wear

If you’ve got the blazer that worked so well to cover up a teddy, you can create another stylish lingerie as outerwear look with its help. Lacy bras, particularly those with contrast lace, can make a gorgeous evening top if you wear them under a blazer that you’ve buttoned up until just a small amount of the bra shows, then loop a chiffon scarf around your neck and pin it to one of the lapels with a pretty brooch. This approach gives a range of focal points: brooch, scarf, bra that are all feminine and the combination ensures that you don’t look slutty, just mysteriously womanly! This is definitely not office-wear but it’s perfect for drinks with your partner or a romantic dinner.

Corsets and bustiers

Traditionally a gown has an inset corset to give the figure shape, but it’s very easy to make a corset into a beautiful evening dress. Choose a satin corset with a vibrant colour such as red, purple or blue and then find a long skirt to wear with it - our favourite options include wearing a wrap-around piece of sari fabric in similarly rich shades or opting for a black circular skirt with a net petticoat in the same hue as the corset. Our emerald green pleated bust corset is ideal for this approach as it works with all skin tones and is elegant enough to act as a cocktail dress. High heels and a bolero or cropped jacket will complete the look, as will a high up-do if you have long hair. It’s a dramatic and ultra-womanly look that particularly suits mature women who are confident about their sexuality.

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