Tuesday 22 December 2015

Appropriate and inappropriate underwear gifts this Christmas season!

 Inappropriate underwear the Kardashian way

Before we show you how to choose the perfect naughty gift for your partner, let’s talk about what’s really not so appropriate - Caitlyn Jenner, 66, giving her 18-year-old daughter, Kylie, lingerie. Most people might find that a little strange, given the age difference and Caitlyn’s recent and very public gender change. But that’s not what makes it totally uncool - it’s the fact that (a) Caitlyn choses to make the gift on live TV (well, this is the Kardashians after all) and (b) the undies in question have Caitlyn’s own face printed on them.

Kylie is herself a model but her shock, and clear distaste are obvious as she handles the bra and panties covered in Caitlyn’s portrait. It takes her a few seconds to sum up the situation, and then she nails it, “I have my dad on my underwear,” she says. Exactly!

Women who don’t want lingerie for Christmas

A survey by CouponCabin in the USA claims that not only do 61% of American women NOT want lingerie for Christmas but that 68% prefer to buy underwear on solo shopping trips.

We know for sure than many women prefer to buy lingerie online, but we suspect that’s because it’s easy to browse a lingerie site with a partner, without having the pressure of trying garments on and (literally) exposing yourself in changing rooms. Not only that, intimate conversations, jokes and teasing are natural when pondering your underwear choices in private with your lover, but much more difficult to enjoy when you’re in a lingerie boutique or the underwear section of a department store.

How to choose the perfect Christmas underwear gift

Picking a naughty present for your loved one can sometimes seem a high stakes exercise, but we can take the risk out of it. Here’s the perfect gift buying guide:

1.    Pick a gift that is appropriate to the stage of your relationship - if you're relatively new to each other, then something too intimate will carry a lot of baggage, whether it’s a guy buying underwear for a new girlfriend or a woman choosing a gift for her new lover. 

2.    Choose a gift that allows you to share an experience - if you’re hoping your lover will model their new underwear for you, don’t just buy undies - invest in a scented candle, a box of luxury popcorn and a romantic DVD … the collection of gifts, together, suggest an intimate evening with special moments and nothing could be easier than parading in a gorgeous new undergarment in such a setting.

3.    Don’t opt for  an item that suggests you’re trying to change your new partner - if you love thongs but your partner loves briefs, then buy him or her briefs! Investing in what you love, rather than what they love, is clearly an attempt to change them and that’s going to be badly received - buying gifts that are more for you than for the recipient is always a little creepy and controlling. It could even end your relationship!

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