Wednesday 30 December 2015

Wind, women footballers and winning the lingerie gift game - post-Christmas lingerie stories

Windy undies?

Online specialist publisher Marketing reports something quite fascinating - according to their marketing expert the future of advertising is going to depend, in large part, on using real time information to adjust what we see from advertisers. The example he used is that Asda sells more lingerie when it’s windy …

We’re still trying to work that one out too! Is it because people think of washing their scanties when they can line dry them (we all know not to tumble dry our precious silk underwear, don’t we!) or is it because women expect their skirts to blow up and reveal their less than glamorous knickers? We have no idea and that’s not the only question on our minds, we’re wondering about the thought processes of the computer expert who spotted that statistic too …

Lingerie league outclassed?

In a week when Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs have been lauded (again) for letting squatters stay in their Manchester hotel, the legends, plus Gary’s brother Phil, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt are under fire for hosting a Lingerie League match at their Hotel Football. Oh, just to be clear, it’s not the Man U dream team who are out in their non-regulation kit, it’s women. This week saw two women’s football teams strip off to underwear to play football to advance the future of the game.

According to the UK founder, Gemma Hughes who says, ‘I want to see a football revolution in my lifetime’ this event is going to return income and investment to the women’s game. Well, we’re not so sure. In a week where Serena Williams because the first Sports Illustrated's female "Sportsperson of the Year" since 1983 - and wore a lingerie inspired dress to pick up her award, we can’t help noticing that Serena and her sister Venus never played lingerie tennis. There is a difference between lingerie and technical underwear, and the whole point of technical clothing is that it helps you do whatever it is you’re doing a bit better. Whether that’s a control panel undergarment or a set of compression socks for marathon running doesn’t better - it’s designed for performance first and appearance second. The other way round is lingerie, designed to be comfortable for sure, but primarily, and we thing, vitally, designed to look awesome. So you look awesome wearing it. Once those boundaries start to blur, it’s difficult to know how to respond - are we looking at sportswomen in lingerie or lingerie models playing sport? So we like to keep our lingerie where it belongs - on our bodies, when and where we want to display it, and them. Not on a sports field.

Choosing lingerie for your lover

Another survey, by Debenhams this time, shows that in the UK 78% of women are thrilled to receive a gift of sexy lingerie at Christmas but that for a third of those women the feeling of being flattered becomes one of disappointment when the garment in question turns out to be the wrong size.

Overwhelmingly, our men buy us underwear that is too small. We have a great tip to help you get the right lingerie from your loved one - our wish list!  Simply save the items that appeal to you into your wish list and then your partner can pick from your selection, confident that you’re going to love their choices. This year, for example our plus size tuxedo redbaby doll has been flying off to destinations around the world, and that’s no surprise as this uber-sexy lingerie with its black trimmings is both gorgeous to look at and easy to wear … a winner in every sense of the word.

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