Wednesday 20 January 2016

Lingerie scams, thefts and awards - welcoming the New Year with

‘Adore Me’ under the spotlight

America’s latest lingerie start-up success is causing customers to get hot under the collar and not in a good way!  ‘Adore me’ has been incredibly successful with sales jumping from $1 million in 2012 to $16.2 million in 2014. Its plus-size models and focus on providing gorgeous lingerie for real women has led to it being considered a rival to Victoria’s Secret - but The Better Business Bureau, a USA non-profit that names and shames untrustworthy companies, labels it an F (for fail) because it has received more than 500 complaints from customers who were billed for monthly subscriptions they hadn’t known they were taking out, and then had difficulty cancelling, paying out month after month by direct debit and unable to get the company to stop the subscription despite repeated attempts.

That’s why we don’t operate a membership model at - you see what you like, you buy what you like and we don’t charge you a penny extra! And if you’re really up for a bargain, how about this sexy summer bikini by Phax - better than half price and just in time to help you focus on this year’s summer holiday!

More lingerie thefts

We’ve blogged several times about the way that Indian and Japanese men turn up in the news because they pilfer underwear - it’s difficult to tell if this is because it’s a more common activity there, if it gets reported more because it’s more frowned on or if men in other countries just happen to be more successful lingerie thieves! Anyway, the latest story is quite amusing - angry villagers in Kota Kuala Muda, in Malaysia, have got in on the act by publicly shaming a man who stole women’s underwear from washing lines. They tied him to a tree with the bras and panties he’d filched!

A villager said that they found a bucket filled with underwear in the man’s possession and used it to bind him to the tree. He’s now been handed over to the police.

Becky Magson - blogger and lingerie reviewer

We’re delighted that Becky Magson, blogger and lingerie reviewer, has been shortlisted for a national blog award. The final will take place on 29th April 2016 and Becky is in the running for her blog, Becky’s Boudoir. Becky reviews lingerie and talks about her life but recently has also gained attention for her honest and sensitive blogs about her experience of a missed miscarriage and the emotions associated with grieving for a lost child.

Becky herself says that the process of blogging about a situation many women may tend to keep quiet about has been helpful for her and for others, Writing about it all has been therapeutic for me. It had a multi-pronged effect; I regained a lot power being in the position to share my thoughts through the experience, which has helped more people than I thought Id reach with the posts.”

We wish her every success in the awards process - if you’d like to read Becky’s blog, visit and you can vote for her here.

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