Tuesday 27 August 2013

Surf it like Beckham and flash it like Stodden?

When Becks took his boys swimming and surfing, he stripped down to his shorts and baseball cap and showed off his new tattoo … and there’s nothing sexier than a man in his underwear, is there? Our picture shows his latest H&M underwear line – with the incomplete tattoo concealed by his arm. Nice to see the finished article at last.

David even managed to pull off wearing a backwards facing baseball cap which, to be honest, has become such a joke that it’s difficult to do it without looking like a gangster rapper spoof.  We like our men in shorts too, although we also appreciate pouches and thongs as being part of the wardrobe of the well-dressed chap, although thirty-three tattoos (that’s the current total, but watch this space!) might be a bit much for the average guy.

Big Brother bikini bother

Blonde bombshell and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Courtney Stodden has been courting controversy! Her enhanced cleavage has been a talking point since she arrived in the house and it seems to have a bit of a life of its own, having tried to escape from her stunning black bikini while she applied suncream.  Whether you love or hate her double D breasts, there’s no doubt that Courtney has found many a way to pout her assets on the best possible display. Her candyfloss blonde hair is a perfect foil for her other chosen bikini colours of bright yellow and lipstick pink and while her platform heels might not be for everyone, she’s got a look that she knows how to work to the utmost!

For those of us who’d like to emulate the Stodden look, a primary-coloured bikini worn with big hair and bright lipstick gives the general impression of starlet glamour, and adding a pair of espadrilles rather than the standard flip-flops, and a couple of big bangles will give extra sex appeal to a sexy swimwear outfit.

Lingerie that’s as great to wear as it is to look at

But autumn is almost upon us and our thoughts are increasingly turning to bunny slippers, hot chocolate and romantic films on TV as we snuggle up with someone special. We’re looking forward to Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and The Face of Love with Ed Harris and Robin Williams, and we’d like to watch both in our new fave, these gorgeously sophisticated Lise Charmel pyjamas. Who says you can’t be comfy and sexy at that same time? We might even team our jammies with those platform heels, after all Courtney probably won’t be needing them when she gets evicted from the Big Brother house…

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