Monday 5 August 2013

Crop tops, cute bottles and clever science – news from the world of lingerie!

Sexy and short

Okay, the first bit of news isn’t exactly underwear related, but there’s a massive surge towards super-short hairstyles going on. There’s the classic crop worn by the sexiest mature star of them all, Jamie Lee Curtis, through to Anne Hathaway, then Jessie J’s amazing head-shave on TV for charity, taking in Miley Cyrus whose razored rock-girl quiff destroyed her previous Hannah Montana good girl status once and for all, and now …Charlize Theron.

Charlize shaved her head for Fury Road and fell in love with the look. She’s let the uber-short buzz cut grow out to a pretty little pixie style that flatters her face and is easy to maintain, and she says she likes the look so much it’s here for keeps.

Crop-top hair can be a wonderful way to show off the prettiest lingerie around, as it exposes some of the subtleties of the female form, such as collarbones and the nape of the neck which are highly seductive. If you have opted for short hair, or wonder if it’s for you, consider how you might pair your cropped look with a pretty necklace that highlights your breasts by dipping into your cleavage. Lipstick can be a key feature to complete the look when you’ve got a crop or pixie cut, and while the classic full red lips with black lingerie is a tried and trusted favourite, experiment a little – the same scarlet lips work well with green or navy underwear, while a subtle pink lip gloss can really illuminate the sensuality of grey, silver and baby blue. Coral tones, especially with a tan, work really well to bring white undies into the spotlight.

Minajesty – the new fragrance from Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has been sowing some confusion with her new scent, her on-off engagement to DJ Khaled and a great big diamond ring!  Her new scent, Minajesty, is said to be sultry, captivating and powerful – by Ms Minaj herself!  The video proposal from DJ Khaled led loads of us to believe that when Nicki tweeted today it would be an acceptance … and she was seen wearing a stunning diamond ring that looked like the one Khaled was holding in his film. However, eagle-eyed fans spotted that the two rings were not identical, the one Nicki was wearing has more of a table cut while the one she was offered appears to be brilliant cut. So we’re still on tenterhooks to know if she’s going to say yes!

What she did tweet was her new scent, from Elizabeth Arden, and the bottle’s very cute. It features a different type of crop top – a sexy diamante-studded red bustier, very typical of the Minaj look, but with flowing curled pink tresses rather than the straight pink locks that featured on her previous fragrance bottle for Pink Friday.  If you love the Minajesty look, our Lise Charmel Ispahan Grenade Lingerie Bustier is just the job – pair it with some body jewels and plait long hair to get the rippled look the bottle features.

The science of fitting

Finally – just to prove we’re not all about fluff and frills (okay, we are mainly about fluffy, frilly, gorgeous things, we’re a lingerie blog, but there’s serious science behind what we do!) please go and read this amazing guest blog at The Lingerie Addict. We don’t often direct our lovely readers to go and visit other blogs, but this is just such a great piece of writing that we want every woman, and every man who buys bras for a woman, to read it!

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