Tuesday 13 August 2013

Twerking, how to wear nude lingerie, and another Royal wedding?

She may not be as much of a household name in the UK as One Direction but Miley Cyrus is a big star in the USA – and if you remember Hannah Montana, then that’s Miley …but boy, she’s changed! Now twenty years old, the former Disney good girl stripped down to a nude latex bikini to twerk with Robin Thicke. Okay, let’s break that down: twerking is a raunchy dance and Robin Thicke is the voice of Blurred Lines a song already made notorious for the original video which featured several Victoria’s Secret models twerking with members of the band.  With me so far? Good.

So Miley appeared on stage in a teddy-bear leotard (nothing wrong with that; we like dressing up ourselves although we prefer being cute kittens or powerful cougars to teddies, to be honest) and then tore off that already skimpy costume to reveal her plastic two piece undies, before gyrating her derriere into Robin Thicke’s masculine bits! This caused much outcry on twitter and several celebs in the audience, including Minnie Driver, commented on Miley being somewhat OTT.

So what was wrong? Well Robin Thicke is married, for a start, second, quite a few people commented on the way that Miley’s ‘nude’ didn’t really work, being the colour of a mannequin rather than either matching her own skin-tone or being a flattering shade in harmony with it, and third, a gape appeared in the waistband of her shorts whenever she bent forwards, which she did, a lot! Latex is very sexy to wear but we’d recommend that you test any latex outfit for exactly this tendency, before going out in public, or even showing it off in the bedroom, if you want to be sure you’re going to achieve the effect you desire.

Boy band One Direction have a cheeky new video out, to support their Our Moment perfume, and they’re going to be performing at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in November! If you’re wondering exactly how you have an ‘our moment’ with five chaps, the video makes clear that they’ve each contributed some of their favourite fragrance notes to the perfume and their tongue in cheek performance also makes clear how easy it is to be both sensual and light-hearted in the bedroom, from the display of underwear (smelly white socks!) to Louis making off with the perfume bottle at the end, there are lots of fun ideas all the way through to bring your private hours to life.

And Prince Harry is rumoured to be getting close to proposing Cressida Bonas. The couple have been photographed together having moments of real tenderness and it’s reported that he may be about to pop the question. His fling with Florence Brudenell-Bruce, did the Bollywood actress no harm, she ended up fronting a La Senza underwear campaign and being the face of Aspinal bags, and Cressida is also noted for her underwear, although in a more low key way – several years ago she did some modelling for Beautiful Bottoms, a lingerie company established by three of her university friends. It just goes to show that Harry has an eye for female beauty!

According to the Daily Star, security teams have been drawing up plans in preparation for a royal engagement, with a Palace insider telling the publication:

'The way it's looking now people close to Harry and Cressida predict an engagement by the end of the year and a spring wedding.'

'Cressida is The One. He's so close to her. All the tell-tale signs are there. People have heard Harry talking about how special Cress is and about getting engaged.

'He says "They are all waiting for me to propose any day," then he grins. It's his idea of a joke. He takes everything like this light-heartedly. But we know his true feelings,' the insider continued.

Rumours started swirling that Prince Harry was getting super-serious with the society girl after the Prince whisked his girlfriend off on an African safari earlier this month in Botswana. Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton on a romantic trip to Kenya back in 2010.

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