Saturday 16 August 2014

Power Lingerie and lingerie power … our week in underwear!

Looking good over thirty, forty, fifty … and beyond, the secret of dressing for success according to Angela Bassett

If you’re one of of those people who findings lingerie ads intimidating and believes there’s no room for women of different shapes, sizes, colours or ages, the last few years have given a refreshing glimpse into how great women can look, whatever their age, colour or shape.  The latest contestant for this list of cuties is Angela Bassett, fifty-five years gorgeous!

Currently starring in American Horror Story, the stunning Bassett has also just completed a photoshoot for Violet Grey. She’s seen wearing black undies that highlight her superb body and while we can imagine that she has been primped, polished and posed by a team of experts, she also says (can this be true?) that it only tens her ten minutes to get ready to go out and face the cameras!

Her secret, she says, is that she decides what feeling she wishes her appearance to transmit, focusing on such words as flirty, sensual or powerful and then choses an outfit that matches the feeling. It’s a fascinating view into how this truly passionate actress has navigated the years that some of us find particularly troubling, and perhaps there’s a technique there we could use ourselves? Rather than asking ourselves ‘do I look good in this?’ or ‘is this too young for me?’ we could pose the question ‘does this choice support the emotion or mood I’m trying to express’ and whether that’s ‘cuddly’ or ‘dominating’, ‘sweet’ or ‘self-confident’ and then we could choose lingerie that matched the feeling we’d like to project. On that basis, we recommend something from the brand ‘Fearless and Fun’ this week! Isn’t ‘fearless and fun’ what most of us what to project? Of course it is, so we’ve picked out this fabulous skin-tight, wet-look mini dress as our highlighted lingerie of the week. It’s not what you might think of as classic lingerie, which is why we’re focusing on it, because we know that impactful dressing is something that needs to be a conscious choice for empowered women and while you might not choose to wear this dress clubbing (maybe not the first time you put it on, anyway!) owning and wearing something as dramatic and sexy as this projects a sense of a woman who’s in charge of her own destiny, and that’s a great place to start your journey into ‘mood dressing’.

Bra Banks and investment dressing

And while we’re talking about empowering women - get rid of that bra! No, not the one you’re wearing, but the one you never wear… the impulse purchase that turned out to be less comfortable than you thought or the (heaven forbid), gift bra from your lover that just isn’t you …

The average British woman has 16 bras but only wears four or five of them regularly and that means there’s a pile of unworn lingerie in many drawers that could be benefiting women elsewhere. Against Breast Cancer has a campaign that will re-home unwanted bras with women in parts of Africa where bra ownership is expensive. For many women in the developing world, it can require between 10-30 working hours to earn the money to buy a bra, which means they just don’t ever get enough spare cash to make the investment. So why not recycle something you don’t wear - or maybe even get a bra bank for your workplace? Then you can invest in a new bra that really does work for you, knowing that your unwanted underwear is making another woman happy or helping fight breast cancer by funding research into cures.

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