Friday 22 August 2014

Sue, Sue and blue - lingerie in the news!


The underwear designers and manufacturers, Zephyrs, expected to be famous for their ground-breaking (or rather boob-shaping) kidney shaped bra inserts, shaped to increase volume and cleavage in a natural fashion. Instead they are suing their law firm, McDermott, Will & Emery for approximately $6 million! years of design on the part of Zephyrs founder Debra MacKinnon led to a patent application in 2008, but according to the claim, when the actual patent was granted in 2012, serious flaws were found in the claim document, allowing giants like Amazon and Victorias Secret to create similar systems without breaking patent law. As a result, Zephyrs has been fighting a rearguard action to protect intellectual property and bring their lawyers to book by claiming damages because they havent been able to collect royalties on their design. A ruling isnt expected before the end of the year.


Whatever your view of Lingerie Football, Im sure you assumed that the players were getting well paid for their skills - and for wearing a little less than the average footballer whilst playing! But it seems thats not necessarily the case - a  former Las Vegas Sin player, Robin Johnson, is suing the Lingerie Football League for which she played. Her claim is that the league, now known as the Legends Football League, failed to pay the necessary  minimum wage and overtime to hundreds of its employees.

Johnson played for the league for two years and says that she and many other employees were classified as independent contractors who werent entitled to minimum wage payments and overtime, which she claims is hard to believe, given that players must both play as part of a team and obey team and league rulings, which denies their independent status. The Lingerie League began as a half time skit but is now a ten team USA league, a five team Australian one and a four team league in Canada. Minimum should apply to clothing, not pay, says Robin Johnson!

Blue is the new black!

At least for intimate apparel. From regularly kingfisher-haired Nicole Richies revelations (she spends around £15,000 on underwear every year) to Bar Refaelis most recent photos, revealed as part of Top Model, being filmed in Warsaw, Poland, every shade of blue is turning up in underwear.

Wearing blue lingerie can be complex - its a cool colour which can drain the life from a warm complexion and is prone to bring out blue elsewhere, so if you have blue eyes (or hair) it can be a sophisticated look - although its not great if you have leg veins youd rather not draw attention to.

Blue undies arent impossible though. Blue works well with peach and white, as seen in the Reve de PeintureAntinea nightie by Lise Charmel, and this is a particularly good choice for warm-toned skins and for blondes and redheads. If you want to conceal leg veins, made more obvious by blue undies, a pair of flirty fishnets like our LegAvenue lace-topped stockings will do the job perfectly, whilst ramping up your sex appeal!

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