Sunday 17 May 2015

A week of lingerie and masculinity - we’re all about the boy!

Sexy undies for guys

Yes, this week has been all about the boy. The first story that caught our attention was HommeMystere. This company has been around for a while, but has had a massive relaunch to target the growing market for lingerie for men.

Now, this may come as a surprise to you, given that we sell a lot of very sexy underwear for men, but HommeMystere do something a little different - their lingerie is like that made for women, but designed to fit men instead. As the company website puts it, A growing number of guys are discovering the comfort of lightweight lingerie style underwear.

Its an interesting concept and were definitely keen on the men in our lives exploring their more feminine side in whatever way works for them, but were not sure that Homme Mystere is as on target as they think they are. Our experience is that one of the delights of wearing womens underwear - for a guy - is that it is womens underwear. What men want in sexy underwear is sexiness! Thats why our stock includes the red hot (but actually bright pink) Robin thong by Sensualle - sexy, masculine and definitely lingerie!

Bahrain votes against lingerie displays

But the world is a highly varied place and over in Bahrain, lingerie is under scrutiny - or perhaps its not!

The Southern Governorate Municipal Council voted to change some lingerie rules recently. Based on some complaints from the public about inappropriate window displays they passed not one but two new regulations. First that scantily-clad mannequins be removed from shop windows because they were unacceptable". According to the leader of the council, they have regularly asked for female mannequins to be removed, but been ignored. Now they have a rule - mannequins must be modestly dressed - no provocative garments to be displayed. According to the leader of the council, Everyone knows what women's lingerie and underwear shops are, so going full frontal is unacceptable.

But thats just half the story. The other half is that female customers have been made to feel embarrassed when buying underwear from male salesmen. this proposal was put by the Committee Chairman who stated that it was not a religious position, because that was clear but that the concern was, “… about the idea of men telling women they are not related to which nightgowns would look good on them. As he went on to say, There is an issue with a male staring at a woman's body to estimate her measurements. Now we definitely agree there, although not in the moral sense - men are notoriously incapable of correctly estimating a womans size and shape! Still, Bahrain seems to be missing the point - the answer to the problem is simple - buy your sexy lingerie online!

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