Saturday 2 May 2015

No lingerie in Kansas, more in India and our top tips for a new spring look for your underwear drawer

Toto, I have a feeling were not in Kansas any more

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill this month that says what welfare recipients are not allowed to spend their benefits on. Yes, thats right, in the USA you are not allowed to spend your benefits as you wish in 24 of the fifty states. Usually the rules ban expenditure on alcohol, gambling, and tobacco but Kansas has gone way further tattoos, swimming pools and lingerie are outlawed too!

Now we struggle with this idea more than somewhat and were not alone. Many commentators, including opposition politicians, have described the legislation as mean spirited and highly judgemental. Our problem is that several of the rulings, such as not attending swimming pools and buying lingerie are likely to be counterproductive: physical health and self esteem both tend to start with a positive body image, and those with self esteem and good health are much more likely to seek work and be able to hold down jobs. If, as Brownback suggests, the legislation is mean to Encourage people to get back into the marketplace, get back into the job market, then we think they should insisting on lingerie, not banning it!

India goes undie crazy

A recent study  by a retail consultancy shows that in the next ten years, Indias demands for lingerie, denim and T-shirts will outstrip all other garment sales. Saris on the other hand, will drop in popularity.  Sari sales will grow around 6% whilst lingerie, jeans and T-shirts will increase around 15% each.

Why?  First, India has the youngest population in the world. And Indian youth is much more aware global trends than any previous generation. The taboos around sex and appearance are also less oppressive for them, as they are exposed to a wider range of influences than the notoriously modest bollywood films. Cost is a factor too - a sari can cost 50,000 rupees, whilst jeans are between 2,000 and 4,000 rupees and high quality lingerie starts round 80 rupees.

Spring in your lingerie

If, like us, youve just been chucking out those old dingy knickers and thinking about an underwear spring clean, we have three suggestions to spruce up your look:

1.     Playful playsuit - beautiful playsuits are just good fun! First, they are crossover garments, you can use them as a beach cover-up or as seductive lingerie, second they are usually generously cut so everybody looks and feels great in them and third, they are light-hearted, bringing a sense of springtime play and simple enjoyment to your life. Sweet Paula in blue is our fave for spring glamour!
2.     Cunningly comfortable nightie - the box set and Netflix have changed the way we dress for our evenings at home and the (relative) acceptance of onesies and pyjamas as streetwear (at least for students) has driven a new awareness of the nightie. Getting just the right nightie can be a boon - casual enough for an evening of curry and your favourite catch-up TV, but cute enough to fling into a weekend bag for a surprise trip away with your honey, this garment really earns its way. We love Lise Charmels boheme glamour for its springlike prints.

3.     Heavenly hold ups - much more practical than you may have thought, hold ups are the perfect spring lingerie. While they are undoubtedly sexy, they also have a fashion value - try pastel hold ups with Daisy Duke shorts for a fresh spring look, and if the weather turns chilly without warning as it so often does in spring, a pair of hold ups in your handbag can take you from chilly to cosy in a couple of seconds - and youll look great too! Le Bourgets hold ups are called Essentials for a reason - once youve worn a pair of these alluring stockings youll know you need them forever!

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