Thursday 28 May 2015

Plus size, perfect size and selfie assisting - our week in weird and wonderful lingerie

Perfect underwear - the Fifty Shades of Grey way

Our ears pricked up when we heard that plus size lingerie model Ashley Graham was planning to create her own line of bondage inspired underwear, based around Fifty Shades of Grey. Its not that were not in favour of plus size lingerie, because we are. And we love to see lingerie designed by models, because few people know exactly what makes sexy underwear sexy, and comfortable, better than underwear models. It was her comment that she could, ‘… find sexy bras and I could find supportive bras, but it was never sexy and supportive together  We couldnt help wondering where shed been looking! Because weve got some gorgeous and supportive lingerie in plus sizes just compare our Rose Princess babydoll with the stylish lingerie being worn by Ashley herself in this picture - affordable, wearable and wonderful underwear from!

Physically perfect women - the Greek way

We also noticed a story about the Golden Ratio which claimed that Scarlett Johansson is the closest living person to physical perfection according to the Greeks. So how does this Golden Ratio work?  Its a comparison of the bust, waist and hip measurements against an ideal created by their philosophy of perfection. Scarletts score was 96.4% closeness to the ideal, which makes her the most physically perfect (famous) woman around. Kim Kardashian came second - with a 96.3% match to the ratio, whilst third was Helen Mirren with 95.6%!

Are you wondering how you measure up? Wed really suggest that youre gorgeous just as you are. Because any theory about beauty can only be that - a theory, and thats not the same as living, breathing beauty. Also, we know one thing for certain every woman lies about her vital statistics from time to time!

Selfie supporting bras - the Triumph way

Triumph, the bra company, has a research arm that spends its entire time designing bras that will never be on public sale. You might wonder why, but the reason is very simple - by pushing the boundaries of what lingerie can do, they find out more about the human body, and what women want from their underwear. As a result, they can make mass market bras that really work.

So whats their latest invention, a bra and pantie set that lights up to emphasis your cleavage, gives you a little pep talk whenever you feel down and even packs a selfie stick (in the pantie pocket) to help you take perfect pics of yourself in your undies. it can also count the number of steps you take in a day and measure you heart rate.

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