Tuesday 9 June 2015

Lingerie fools the eye - a week of underwear lies and liars at lingerie.co.uk

Sexy underwear photos not all they seem

Argentinian lingerie brand Jane Pain has commissioned a series of photographs that appear to show how seductive its underwear can be by displaying lace-clad breasts and bottoms - which are actually knees, armpits and elbows!

Their photographer, Cris Welcomme, working with advertising agency Conill Saatchi & Saatchi, created the sensual and apparently explicit images to support the strapline  If it can make your armpit/knee/elbow look sexy, imagine what it can do in the right place.  This trick of the eye was specifically chosen to work on billboards across South America where racy imagery is commonplace but also where there are relatively strict rules about modesty.

We found the images fascinating - not just because they show how easily we can be fooled, but because the provocative effects include the use of powder and other artifices to create the perfect impression of intimacy. Colour and form are also vital to this sensual impression.

If youd like some intimate photographs of your body (and we agree that knees and armpits can be as sexy as boobs and bums) wed suggest starting with a really sensual item of lingerie such as the cream and powder blue Roza Kasiopea braset which offers support to every body shape and flatters every skin tone. A selfie stick is a useful way to try out some sexy poses, and remember to apply a body lotion with a little sheen to it, or to use translucent powder to create a pin-up matte skin tone, if thats your preference. Give yourself plenty of time, ensure the lighting is flattering and just have fun exploring your body and how it looks on camera.

Body shaming and lingerie

Whats your view on body shaming? Val Starks discovered that her thirteen-year-old daughter was posting sexy underwear photos on Facebook, claiming to be nineteen years old and creating online relationships with older men. To teach her daughter self respect and explain the unpredictable nature of online sharing, she posted a video that she made, interrogating the girl about her behaviour, to her own Facebook page.

In the video she makes the girl state her age, tells the viewer that her daughter doesnt own any lacy panties and isns a freak who sits around at home with her bra on, and that she still watches Disney channel. The crying girl continually covers her face and mumbles her answers. It took only a few days for the video to go viral and its now been viewed more than 12 million times, but opinion is divided - whilst Val has received a lot of support from some parents, others say that she is wrong to have shamed the girl in public and that she is likely to now be bullied by others, as well as experiencing the shame of her own behaviour.

One thing we cant argue with one thing that Val says to her critics and fans alike, I wanted mothers and fathers to be aware and how important it is to be aware of what your child is doing. Thats very true, Facebook is a wonderful tool but a very bad weapon!

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