Wednesday 1 July 2015

Wedding dresses, feathers and having fun in relationships … our week in lingerie

Gown to nightie

Would you cut up your wedding dress? A Mexican lingerie company invited women to do just that. In a commercial aired on Mexican TV, five women discussed how the fun had gone out of their marriages, and the passion had slipped away from their bedroom lives. Then they were asked to bring out their wedding gowns which designers cut up in front of them!

The idea was to turn their once-in-a-lifetime gowns into sexy underwear in one case a shortie nightie but in the other four, a bra and knickers set. Then the women disappeared to put on their new lingerie and the camera recorded their responses, and the responses of their husbands, when they emerged in their new undies.

Well we think thats a bit extreme, personally. A wedding dress is not just about intimacy - its a garment worn on a public occasion, its a record of a very special day and, for many women, its an heirloom that they set aside in the hope that a daughter or granddaughter might one day want to wear it, or at least, adapt it for their own special day.

Goose feathers to lingerie

La Perlas evolution from mid-range underwear to haute couture continues. Their latest show in Paris included a goose-feather bra and sleeveless hoodie - and the bra alone retails at just over £1,500!

To be fair, each single feather is hand-coloured and hand sewn into place on a brassiere that is constructed to the buyers exact measurements. The work is done at La Perlas Bologna factory by trained seamstresses who specialise in lingerie construction. Oh, and if you want to hoodie too, thats a further £8,000 thank you very much!

So we decided we’d combine this week’s top lingerie stories with a suggestion of our own. If the life has gone out of your relationship, there’s no need to cut up your wedding dress. If you fancy some feathers in your lingerie drawer, there’s no need to fork out £1,500. Let bring these two concerns together in the BijouxIndiscrets sexy set: leather nipple pasties, a pearl waistband, a sensual candle and a feather boa … just the thing to re-ignite your bedroom life, and at a considerably cheaper price! And we aim to send out your order the following day, no hanging around for seamstresses to hand sew each feather …

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