Friday 3 July 2015

A lingerie challenge, a lingerie hotlist and how to have the coolest lingerie in the hottest weather!

Jodie Layne (@jodielayne) has a challenge for you! In an article entitled I Wore Sexy Lingerie For A Whole Week And I Think It Changed My Self Image for Bustle, she talks about how wearing her best underwear changed her view of herself on a tough old week. The points she makes are valid ones:

1 - she did it as a challenge, because she wouldnt have opted to wear sexy lingerie except for a reason
2 - she let somebody else have a say in what she wore - not that they picked her outfit for the day, but by being sent a box of lingerie she was presented with new ideas about underwear
3 - the best moments came when she least expected them; through wearing lingerie every day she was surprised by how often she felt more accepting of her body or more happy with her appearance.

So what can we take from this experiment of one? 

   Maybe that we could wear our best underwear more often and more naturally - instead of using it as a strategic statement today is the day Ill feel good about myself we can use beautiful underwear on any day, without forethought, because we should feel better about ourselves.
   Perhaps that getting some input on our underwear choices is a good idea - for example, if you love a particular bra in one colour, why not order it in another too? That way youll be able to explore something that you know already works and you may learn something about your choices. Or maybe find out what this seasons hot colours are and order lingerie in those shades, even if youd never normally wear them.
   Finally, if lovely undergarments make us happier with ourselves, we should probably wear them a lot more!

Best of British lingerie

And then Forbes says that the British are coming! To their list of amazing British lingerie designers wed add our own Jane Woolwich who is quite simply the quintessential British underwear designer. Her work is ultra feminine and flattering but what makes the Jane Woolwich brand so special is the innately intuitive use of colour and fabric which gives her lingerie real wow factor.

Cool underwear for hot babes

Baby its hot outside! If, like us, you're trying to stay cool in the hottest days of the year, here are a few tips that might surprise you:

   If you own cotton undies, put them in the fridge! Yes, that old T-shirt trick really works but only for cotton or cotton and other natural fibre mixes - you can chill down your bra and panties overnight and pull them on the following morning to have a really cool, calm and collected start to the day.
   Cologne sticks are your secret weapon! Granny knew what she was doing and a stick of solid cologne run around three areas of your body will keep you cool and beautifully fragrant. Slide it behind your knees, over your inner wrist and along your hairline at the neck to give yourself an instant temperature drop.
   Baby powder prevents chafing, so if you're going to be wearing an underwire bra, for example, you can apply a small amount of baby powder around your bra line with a blusher brush before putting on your lingerie. It will stop the constriction and rubbing that tight underwear creates in hot weather.
   If you need to wash and dry a special bra in a hurry, use a salad spinner! Its just as quick as a tumble dryer but it wont ruin your special lingerie, nor will it add heat to you, your undies or your environment!

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