Saturday 25 July 2015

Paying it forward, underwear throwing and full spectrum lingerie - a campaigning few weeks in the world of underwear

Bra love

From Australia, heart-warming campaigns by Mummies Paying It Forward. This month they have asked for bras to be donated to the Uplift Project which supplies brassieres to women in disadvantaged communities. The power of social media is fuelling the organisation which has now provided donations and volunteers to no fewer than 16 separate charitable aims. Women use spare time in their day or spare rooms in their homes to store and sort donations. The Sydney based campaign is seeking the following bra sizes:

                       Size 8 to 16 (A-D) in good condition
                       Size 18+ in any condition 
                       Size E+ in any condition 
                       Maternity and mastectomy bras in any condition 
                       Swimwear in good, clean condition.

As one of the volunteers said, Its the little things you dont think about that makes a difference. Of course wed agree, and being able to donate a bra to a woman who isnt in a position to buy her own strikes us as not such a little thing at all.

Underwear protests

The female students at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath found a novel way to protest against a campus dress code - the statues and sculptures in the college grounds were draped in lingerie. The protest was in response to a notice posted around the college asking girls to dress with levels of respectability in mind students are not permitted to wear provocative clothing. One student says girls were asked not to wear sleeveless tops and shorts as they were distracting and could make male students feel uncomfortable.

As a result, the girls protested that the restrictions would limit their own comfort and male students have backed the girls in their call to be allowed to choose their own clothing. Describing it as creative and non-violent methods of protest, they helped dress the statues in bright lingerie. The latest news is that new posters have been put up, stating that the previous dress code has been rescinded. 

Really nude lingerie

In a thought-provoking article, Theresa Avila has rounded up some of the difficult questions being asked of the fashion industry, including lingerie manufacturers. Were really aware that our customers come in every shape, size, colour and of all ages, and try to cater to their needs, but if you cant find it, you cant sell it! So in going the extra distance wed like to highlight our stunning Milk Chocolate Ujena bikini - nude for darker skin tones, beautifully constructed to work for all sizes, and with an elegant coordinating cover-up, the whole ensemble is just perfect for summer.

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