Friday 11 October 2013

Planning ahead – Halloween hot stuff

Halloween for the bedroom

Go for boudoir cushions in red or black, some cute ones have cats or spiderwebs on them in diamante, tall church candles in black holders or even skull shaped holders which are uber-gothic, appropriate scent (we like patchouli and cedarwood, you might like violets and burnt sugar fragrances) in the air and on your body – try X perfume. A choker, gloves, black and gold jewellery.

Don’t get sucked into red and black lingerie unless it works for you. Blue and black is a sophisticated alternative, seen at many catwalk shows this year, and if you contrast fabrics with colours too, you get a sensation overload – think about black velvet with pale blue silk, black lace with deep blue satin, black fishnet tights with a midnight blue feather boa and sapphire earrings … fabulous grown-up colour combos for very grown-up bedrooms!

Halloween can be the time to step up bedroom behaviour too – if you have ever wanted to try something a little edgy, or push the margins of your current bed-play, this is the night of the year when your inner witch, demon or vampire can emerge – our Beauty Nights Carmen Waspie is the perfect outfit, complete with its own sexy accessories. Make sure you have a safe word that you or your partner can use if things get too intense, and then let yourself be greedy! Or perhaps you’d like to try your own swoonfest, with your lover as the ravening monster … set the tone in flesh-toned underwear, a romantic negligee and virginal pearls and prepare to be ravished.

Hot Halloween inspiration

We can’t forget the original and best vampires – Tom Cruse and Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire, great inspiration for your Halloween high jinks! Of course there have been plenty of amazing female vampires too, and number one in our top ten is Salma Hayek, playing a down-on-her-luck vampire who’s become a table dancer in the film From Dusk Till Dawn … another great movie to watch with your honey over Halloween.

Selling lingerie is hard work!

Have you ever spent a long time deciding what underwear to buy? Maybe dithered in the changing rooms or pored for hours online, flipping between one set of lingerie and another, unable to choose? Perhaps you’re fussy about cut, or colour? Well, if you’re a picky shopper, you’re not alone. Albawaba reports that Saudi Arabian sales staff are struggling to sell lingerie! Until this year, underwear was sold by men, but now the government has decided to feminise employment in ‘women’s stores’ and as a result, saleswomen have been recruited – but it hasn’t been straightforward. Apparently all the male salespeople left before the women joined, as men and women can’t work together, so there was on on-the-job training, and so many women just don’t know how to sell undies, nor how to measure and fit women for underwear.  Customers complain that the female sales staff are slow and can’t find the right garments. Sales staff, in turn, say that customers are ‘demanding’ and difficult to deal with. It all makes lingerie shopping online seem like a perfect solution!

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