Wednesday 16 October 2013

Shock announcements, stylish nails and underwear theft

Hunnam’s out!

 In a shock move, just a couple of weeks after the big announcement was made, Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) has announced he won’t be playing Christian Grey in the film version of Fifty Shades. Universal Pictures has confirmed the star’s exit, citing filming conflicts with the hit TV series. However, Hunnam himself appears to have leaked a story that it wasn’t just scheduling difficulties that led to his departure. Apparently he’s told those close to him that he wasn’t ready to wear the ‘S&M celebrity actor’ label that will be hung around the neck of any actor appearing in the film if it succeeds. It may also be that he didn’t enjoy his vociferous twitter slating from those wanting Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill or Robert Pattinson to play the male lead.

We’d be happy with any of those three, but for those who don’t know Matt Bomer, we’re happy to provide a picture to help you imagine him in the role. If you want more Matt, in advance of his potential role in Fifty Shades, you can find him in last year’s biggest ‘girls’ night in’ film, Magic Mike!

High fashion nails

It’s not often that top fashion brands succeed fully in jumping to new areas the very first time they try but our sneak preview of Balmain’s nail polishes has convinced us that they’ve managed the leap. Perhaps it’s not the most exciting name in the world,  Balmain Nail Couture Collection, and the shades themselves are very classic: bright red, deep black and a pastel pink, but there’s also a matte topcoat that transforms each of the colours to a lush matte when used. Remember we were pondering the matte black ‘French’ and how well it would work for us? Seems Balmain reads our blog!

As well as the style, the content is fabulous – the colours are formaldehyde free, which is good news for those trying to limit their exposure to strong chemicals. Available from next week, the four set in a stylish coffer, is just £40.00, a very affordable winter treat, we think!

Shorts swiped from celeb hotel room

Not content with a perfume, hit singles and a worldwide sellout tour, One Direction now want to dominate the crime pages! Specifically Liam Payne, who is appears to still be furious about the theft of his undies! Yes, a couple of female fans broke into Liam’s Australian hotel room via the balcony but were seen off by security. The twenty-year old was naked in bed when the attempted break-in happened and only discovered afterwards that his boxer shorts has been stolen. While the story sounds funny, Liam makes a fair point when he says that it was not appropriate for the women to be let off with a warning because if ‘you flip it the other way round’ so that a man had broken into a female pop-star’s bedroom, he’d be straight off to jail.

Boxers are one of our favourite autumn underwear choices too, although we don’t advocate stealing them from Liam, or any chap, as they just don’t fit as well as boy-shorts tailored for the female form. Also, unlike our lovely boy shorts, they don’t generally come in a lacy fabric!

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