Monday 28 October 2013

Beautiful hair, celebrity break ups and preparing for Christmas

Big bedroom hair

Winter is the time when bedroom hair comes into its own. The idea of that tousled, sexy look, with its touch-appeal, makes many of us attempt the ‘do’ only to find that our results look more like we just rolled out of bed after a 48-hour flu.
There are three key tips to getting bedroom hair just right:
  1. Examine at how your hair looks when you do actually get out of bed after a good night’s sleep. With that picture in mind, maybe even working from a quick selfie, try to create a more elegant version of your morning self – just adding height and volume all over your head will result in something more like a beehive than a boudoir look, so you need to work with your natural ruffled style. 
  2. Use dry shampoo. Puffing dry shampoo into the crown of your head gives volume and a slight matte effect which works perfectly to suggest you’ve just been rolling around on silk sheets and will be doing so again as soon as you’ve had a sip of champers! It’s a great idea to get one of the coloured dry shampoos that is close to your own hair shade, so that you can use it without having to worry about back combing over the top to conceal the white powder. 
  3. Rollers are your friend. Either heated rollers or curling tongs make the magic of bedroom hair accessible. Divide hair into about eight sections and wrap in rollers or around tongs, leaving the ends to stick out as they wish. When curl is set, pin it to the top of your head while you do the rest of the sections. Spray with a little hairspray to hold while you slip into your chosen lingerie and do your face, and then undo the pins and run your spread fingers through your curls from crown to roots, crunching the roots with your fingertips to give them extra messiness.

Newly available celebrity hottie!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr have separated after three years of marriage. Bloom, known equally for his blond gorgeousness as Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and his hunky brunette charms as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, may only have been single for a heartbeat though. To the disappointment of his many fans, he’s reported to be romantically entangled with his Romeo and Juliet co-star Condola Rashad. Still … we can dream, can’t we?

What to put on your Christmas list

We adore hand-crafted underwear. Having handmade lingerie isn’t just an indulgent luxury, it’s a way of ensuring that our undies fit us perfectly. That’s one reason we think that it’s the kind of investment that many women would benefit from. There are other reasons too:
  • Handmade leads the way – very often it’s quicker for the couturier designers to get new trends into their underwear than the mass production lines, so you can sometimes pick up a really fashion forward garment made just for you.
  • Made to order is opulent – designers who know their material will be hand cut and sown often have a more generous approach to design; they draw on a wide range of inspiration to create high impact lingerie that is also easy to wear.
  • Detailing adds to the appeal – some kinds of detailing, like hand embroidery, beading etc, can only be achieved by trained seamstresses working to include those details at exactly the right point on the garment based on the exact size and shape of the person ordering the underwear. That just can’t be done in mass production.
So while it might not be for every day wear, handmade lingerie has a real place in the wardrobe of sensual women and what better time than to treat yourself than Christmas? If you’re looking to start your handmade underwear collection, our Liliana Casanova Matignon silk nightdress is just the place to start. In six colours and with that stunning asymmetric hem that flatters every figure, it’s an heirloom garment and always a success in the bedroom!

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