Thursday 24 October 2013

Wintry wonderlands of underwear and fashion


Coloured eyes

There’s been a big move away from the black eyeliner with a flick this autumn. Perhaps we’re over mourning Amy Winehouse, perhaps we’re just ready for a change, but coloured eyeliner has been turning up everywhere since spring, when it was huge on the Paris catwalk, especially from Chanel, and we think it’ll be a big Christmas look here too. After all, Rihanna’s been looking gorgeous in lush pink liner for years.

Here’s our top three coloured eyeliner tips:
  1. Start easy – you can actually combine liners – start with coloured eyeliner on the upper lid and your standard black on the lower, and when you’re confident that you can use a coloured liner well, use the coloured liner on the first half of the lower lid too, with the second half and the flick being done in black. It really works and eases you into the whole colour spectrum.
  2. Know your colours – rather than tying your eyeliner colour to your clothing, tone it to your eyes. If you have brown or hazel eyes, wear purple, blue or mauve to make your eye colour pop, for blue eyes, pick bronze or copper and for green eyes, choose lavender or a smoky plum.
  3. Don’t layer – if you have coloured eyeliner, choose a neutral eye shadow and black mascara for dark eyes, or brown for light ones, otherwise you run the risk of losing your eyes behind the colour pop, a bit like a chameleon getting lost against the wallpaper – your eyes speak for you, so accent, rather than drowning them.

Coloured hair

We’re just not sure yet, and we’re not alone. Twitter is alive with the buzz that Johnny Depp, (twice winner of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title) has gone blond. It’s not even a sexy ash blond or a stunning platinum, it’s one of those egg-yolk yellow shades that most of us remember best from our failed teenage attempts to bleach ourselves gorgeous in our best friend’s bathroom over a disastrous weekend.

But there’s no doubt that Johnny Depp’s succeeded in pulling off some of the most extreme looks ever, so perhaps the blondness will grow on us. What do you think?

Winter shoes

Gorgeous new footwear from Louis Vuitton, in their latest Louis Vuitton presents … video. We’re particularly in love with the blue heels with the rear embellishment and this film reminded us of a nice little game that winter clothing makes it easy to play.

If you have some cute shoes that have either front or rear detail, like the bows on the front of the Louis Vuitton flats, or the detailing on the back of those gorgeous blue stilettos, you can excite your lover by investing in some lingerie that matches the embellishment, like a teddy with bows all down the front to go with the front detailed shoes, something like our G World Scrumptious Teddy, or a gorgeous rear-embellished thong for shoes with rear details. Then, whenever you wear those shoes - however demure your outfit is - your lover will know that underneath you’re wearing that very sexy underwear, just for them!

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